30 Days of Gratitude..17..Be Passionately Curious..


Today is about the knowledge I am grateful for….now this, for sure, is easier to discuss as you get older….

I did OK at school, not a genius, but passed all exams except Physics….I never could understand science, even now I prefer to see magic and mystery than logic and sense.. However, we are not all academics….we should not be judged on our academic success..we should be judged on our academic progress…our effort, how hard we have tried…our ability to not give up..  We all know an academic with no common sense, can’t change a light bulb…and we all know that grafter with no exam passes who has the know how and the gumption to succeed at everything…(Google Richard Branson….boy done good!)..

Schools sometimes help, sometimes not so much so….the apprenticeship appears to be back…I think this is a good thing.. Sometimes I wish though, that schools would concentrate more on the individual learning needs of the students rather than the one wrongly coloured buckle on the shoe or whether they are wearing the right Games shorts…wouldn’t it be great if it were all about what they could achieve rather than how they have decided to colour or cut their hair….whether they choose to have a pierced eyebrow, whether they choose to wear bright lipstick…For me…you can look however you like, you can wear what you like, as long as you have the right amount of respect for others and good manners…

Knowledge can mean different things to different people….we, of course, do need our academics…our researchers…the inventors….the teachers…But, we do need our fair share of drifters, of dreamers, of wise people….We are after all individuals but we are all individuals in  one big team….we should help each other, we should complement each others strengths and weaknesses….if you see someone struggling and you know how to do it, see if they would like a hand…they are going to let you know if they don’t, what do you have to lose……If someone has to reverse their car for you in a narrow lane and they are totally rubbish at it, that’s because they can’t be good at everything, at least they are trying…(note, I am not very good at reversing my car..) and that person zig zagging the car all over the road, they are most likely very very good at something else… Let’s just all give each other a break, let’s all just get on….could we? would we?


So, I failed my Physics exam…no big deal…I didn’t want to be a scientist…it was a shame I couldn’t have spent all that science lesson time doing something I was good at…

We all have moments of thinking someone else is stupid, God knows we all think we are stupid ourselves a lot of the time…”lacking intelligence and common sense”  every single one of us has those moments…but we are not stupid people, there are stupid moments, not stupid people…

So, today, it appears to be an Einstein quotes day….he appeared to be a quirky genius…but if you Google him you will find that even he made mistakes….I would explain them here, had I listened in my Physics lessons I might have been able to do so…as it is,  the answer to “Did Einstein ever make mistakes?” might as well be written in Klingon…


Work hard, try your best, be curious, explore but above all else help each other and remember it’s never too late to learn something new..

Have a happy Thursday!

Geri xxx

3 thoughts on “30 Days of Gratitude..17..Be Passionately Curious..

  1. I totally agree with you Geri. There are loads of different types of intelligence and people have different strengths. I would love it if schools were more person-centred. I don’t know if my children will be academically able or not, but I hope to be the sort of parent who encourages all of their strengths and interests, not just academic ones. Thanks for posting this 🙂


    • You know, all we can really expect from our children, is that they try their best…we can’t expect miracles and we shouldn’t….my daughter was tested and is borderline dyslexic, she is not the most academic but she is most surely the most brightest….she is wise for her age and knows right from wrong…she might not get all top marks on paper but she gets top marks in her quest to do well….She can’t crochet though….hmmmmmm….but she is learning to wax eyebrows, there’s a plus for me 🙂 xx

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