30 Days of Gratitude..18..Lose Your Fear of Being Wrong..


Today is all about art…I am in awe of all artists…I don’t like it all, but I see the skill and talent involved…I don’t like Tracey Emin’s “Bed” but I find her fascinating..At the moment Georgia is studying art at school and having to copy portraits…she is finding it difficult and not everyone can draw people..I am trying to explain to her that it doesn’t have to be a perfect likeness..I mean, look at Picasso.. I am trying to persuade her to find her own style..to experiment..We all like different things…if you are an artist you have to accept that not everyone will like your work..but there will always be someone who does.. Go with your heart, don’t compromise, do what is right for you…this is what I love about Tracey and her messy bed, she knows what she wants to do and she does it….no compromising..

So, I must list some of my favourites….let me see….

Beryl Cook, you can’t not like a bit of Beryl, it puts a smile on your face…

For the “proper” eccentric artist wow factor…a bit of Robert Lenkiewicz…a great talent, but methinks this guy might have been a little bit naughty…and certainly a character…

And if we are thinking about the classics…..for me most likely Monet….a gentle art, soft and pretty…almost relaxing and calming..

How about a brand new artist….the gorgeous work from Rhian John, you know what? We have no pictures in our house yet….I am going to treat myself and get one….my own birthday present to myself…as soon as my Christmas shopping is done, with my remaining pennies I shall indulge…


I totally adore the colours in Rhian’s work…if you want to check her out you know what to do…click below..

Rhian John Paintings… Be sure to leave me some though!! (not affliliated).

I can’t end without showing you my efforts though, you must have a go at drawing even if you think you can’t ….in my attempt to join in with Georgia’s homework of Celebrity portraits, here is my effort….I haven’t drawn anything in about 35 years…not too bad for a first attempt…I never could draw people properly….


I must admit I quite enjoyed the challenge….thanks to the delicious Ashley Benson for being my model….

So guys, if you feel like painting a picture….go on and do it…paint a picture….frame it…put it on your wall….just don’t lose that spark of madness….enjoy!!


Happy Friday!!!

Geri xxx

3 thoughts on “30 Days of Gratitude..18..Lose Your Fear of Being Wrong..

  1. ooh I love Beryl Cook too, and a dutch artist called Ada Breeveld – I go regularly to exhibitions and find that like you not all art is my thing but then that is why art is there. Tell Georgia to check out Instagram friend of mine gien, amsterdam she paints portraits in a totally different way may give her an idea how you adapt things to your own interpretation.


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