30 Days of Gratitude..19..Showering and Changing Into PJs..


Today is about touch….those oh so simple things that make me feel “hygge”..see here for the definition of hygge…I love this concept..

Surely we all love to shower after a hard day, throw on those fleecy PJs and snuggle with a book or a hot chocolate or a beer.  Ladies…let’s add freshly shaved legs…oh my days and clean sheets….it’s a feeling not quite like any other… Add some fluffy socks…a warm purring cat on your lap, a dog by your side..you feel it already don’t you?

Another simple one for me…the feel of my skin after using Liz Earle’s Cleanse and Polish..


Absolutely no affiliate link here, I am just sharing with you because you have to try it…the smell is divine…I have always suffered with psoriasis on my face…I simple Cleanse and Polish twice a day and my skin is smooth again and glowing and smelling beautiful…all aids a restful nights sleep too…along with a night time coating of plain old melted coconut oil, the best night cream I ever used and leaves skin feeling so precious..

Cleanse and Polish

Info on Lucy Bee Coconut Oil Beauty Treatments


Dare I get naughty….there is nothing quite like cuddling up to your loved one in bed, especially when it’s raining and cold outside…skin on skin and limbs tangled…feeling comfortable enough to fall asleep and snore and drool…(that’s my reality)..

The colder seasons aside….in our warmer times there is nothing quite like warm sand between your toes and salt water in your hair…the sun on your face..


Picture from justbeachyshop (not affiliate link).

So, you know the things you like to feel, the things you love to touch…go ahead and do that…every day…don’t save it for a special occasion…today is that special occasion…you are here, you are living and breathing…make every day special…


Have a happy Saturday…..

Geri xxx

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