30 Days of Gratitude..20..Yet Our Roots Remain as One..


Today is all about the people I am grateful for and a huge part of this must include my family….My Mum, my Dad, my sister and Doylie, my mini me…Georgia…my so much better half Christopher (currently suffering with man flu, God help us all..)..Without each and every one of them I would be lost, hopefully they all know this, but maybe I don’t tell them often enough.. Maybe none of us tell our loved ones how much we love them often enough..

Added to this my extended family, my many aunties, uncles and cousins.. we are all now growing in different directions but our roots will always remain as one, we share so many memories of each other, of those of us already departed…and my lovelies I am thankful to all of you and you are all doing so well!!!

Are you currently not speaking to a member of your family, can’t even remember what it was all about in the first place?  Just think back to your good times and consider getting together again, consider forgiving and forgetting….life is too short to disregard those strong roots….


And friends, there are so many who have been there for me….we might not see each other often now but should you need me, you know where I am, please never ever think you can’t ask….we also have fixed roots….deeply planted and never to move… Let me mention though, I don’t drink much these days so if you want to get together it’s most likely to be over a pot of tea…we did our mad drinking days…I don’t remember them all, I prefer to remember it all these days and I prefer to never have another hangover…


So, if you could do just one thing for me after reading this, just pick up the phone, open up Facebook private messages….text….someone you haven’t spoken to in ages, someone you used to have a great time with, someone who helped you out in the past, just say Hello…just say thank you…small gestures but massive steps….

Hello and thanks to my lot….I love you all…

Geri xxx

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