30 Days of Gratitude..22..Being Home Alone..


It has been a few days because we have had a rampage of man flu storming through the household….But here I am back again with the Gratitude days…Today it’s the stories I am grateful for….

Now, I am not going to lie, I like a happy ending, a feelgood story….so, I pick my stories knowing usually that’s where it’s headed…I am a simple soul, I don’t need too much mystery or intrigue…Lately it has been stories of cakes and weddings and tea shops and knitting shops…we all need some feel good stuff, after all we get bad news stuffed down our throats day in and day out….you will find some of my most recent favourites here – My Favourite Books!

What’s not to love about curling up with a blanket by the fire with a book….I say home alone, but to be honest I don’t much like being home alone….but just knowing there are others about whilst I lose myself in the latest story…that’s the best feeling….


So, if you have just written something or you have just read something you think I might love just drop me a note and point me in the right direction….I am ALWAYS looking for the next story….

Geri xxx

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