30 Days of Gratitude..17..Be Passionately Curious..


Today is about the knowledge I am grateful for….now this, for sure, is easier to discuss as you get older….

I did OK at school, not a genius, but passed all exams except Physics….I never could understand science, even now I prefer to see magic and mystery than logic and sense.. However, we are not all academics….we should not be judged on our academic success..we should be judged on our academic progress…our effort, how hard we have tried…our ability to not give up..  We all know an academic with no common sense, can’t change a light bulb…and we all know that grafter with no exam passes who has the know how and the gumption to succeed at everything…(Google Richard Branson….boy done good!)..

Schools sometimes help, sometimes not so much so….the apprenticeship appears to be back…I think this is a good thing.. Sometimes I wish though, that schools would concentrate more on the individual learning needs of the students rather than the one wrongly coloured buckle on the shoe or whether they are wearing the right Games shorts…wouldn’t it be great if it were all about what they could achieve rather than how they have decided to colour or cut their hair….whether they choose to have a pierced eyebrow, whether they choose to wear bright lipstick…For me…you can look however you like, you can wear what you like, as long as you have the right amount of respect for others and good manners…

Knowledge can mean different things to different people….we, of course, do need our academics…our researchers…the inventors….the teachers…But, we do need our fair share of drifters, of dreamers, of wise people….We are after all individuals but we are all individuals in  one big team….we should help each other, we should complement each others strengths and weaknesses….if you see someone struggling and you know how to do it, see if they would like a hand…they are going to let you know if they don’t, what do you have to lose……If someone has to reverse their car for you in a narrow lane and they are totally rubbish at it, that’s because they can’t be good at everything, at least they are trying…(note, I am not very good at reversing my car..) and that person zig zagging the car all over the road, they are most likely very very good at something else… Let’s just all give each other a break, let’s all just get on….could we? would we?


So, I failed my Physics exam…no big deal…I didn’t want to be a scientist…it was a shame I couldn’t have spent all that science lesson time doing something I was good at…

We all have moments of thinking someone else is stupid, God knows we all think we are stupid ourselves a lot of the time…”lacking intelligence and common sense”  every single one of us has those moments…but we are not stupid people, there are stupid moments, not stupid people…

So, today, it appears to be an Einstein quotes day….he appeared to be a quirky genius…but if you Google him you will find that even he made mistakes….I would explain them here, had I listened in my Physics lessons I might have been able to do so…as it is,  the answer to “Did Einstein ever make mistakes?” might as well be written in Klingon…


Work hard, try your best, be curious, explore but above all else help each other and remember it’s never too late to learn something new..

Have a happy Thursday!

Geri xxx

30 Days of Gratitude..16..A Celebration of What your Body CAN do..


Today is all about being grateful for the body….I struggle with this one…I know I should exercise more, I know I should eat properly…but the doing can sometimes be so hard..

In my twenties and in my thirties I was pretty fit…I ate properly, I was vegetarian for many years..I went to the gym almost every day..I swam a lot..I took all of this for granted and still thought I was fat…

Then along came baby, because I had not managed to get pregnant in ten years, this was some sort of miracle for me… and because of this I kind of wrapped myself in cotton wool, stopped exercising, just in case, had morning sickness so badly that the only time I felt well was when I was eating….usually sugar laden processed flapjacks…

After this I had the joy of post natal depression, guess what? Eating solved that too…

Now, nearly fifteen years on, with the benefit of hindsight, I realise it’s not about how thin you are, or how much you weigh….it’s all about how healthy you are…

I am working on it….luckily my years of working out have meant that being fit and healthy again is not out of my reach…in fact it should never be out of the reach of you no matter where you are on the fitness scale… Firstly my mind told me it would be too late…I am nearly fifty, time to sit in the chair and watch soaps…then, I spotted a couple of pretty inspiring You Tube clips…

Firstly this guy…Wang Deshun..aged 80..


If you are thinking it’s too late to find your best self…just click below and take a few moments to be inspired..

Be the Fiercest!

And this guy, Arthur, who had been told by doctors after injuries as a paratrooper, that he would not walk again…Just under 5 minutes to see what you can achieve by taking small steps each day…when I look at Instagram pictures of the super fit I find myself thinking, “I could never do that again”..watch Arthur at the start of his journey doing yoga poses…indeed folks, that is me…my balance is terrible…but stick it out until the end and watch Arthur transform…it’s going to inspire you, I promise!


It’s not anything trying to sell you magic potions or pills, it’s not selling you any clubs or books, it’s just pure hard work, with very small steps you can get there..

The amazing Arthur journey! Be the most determined!


So, there you go, I was going to let you into all the little health niggles I have and how I cope with them….and instead have ended up inspiring myself….I have eaten avocado and eggs and fruit for breakfast….for the last two days I have enjoyed…yes ENJOYED, some light exercise which will lead into a full Arthur journey….and the realisation that I don’t need to be skinny is liberating….


So, yes, I AM grateful for my body, it has served me well this far and now I should look after it and treat it how it should be treated…I don’t drink, I don’t smoke…I will  continue to make cake at the weekend….and I will be the best I can possibly be…you can too!!

Happy Wednesday!!

Geri xxx

Let the Children Play…Sterydry Shoe Dryer and Sterilizer..


Now we are all…along with our children 100% washable and quick to towel dry…..however, our shoes…they are not….

Even though I am downsizing and minimalizing….when Sterydry asked for people to try out their product…I considered…do I need this new product?…then got a whiff of Christophers damp wetsuit boots and decided…indeed, yes I could do with giving this one a go….

What is the Sterydry?

“STERYDRY shoe dryer and sterilizer is first a sterilizer, deodorizer and disinfector who can produce sufficient, stable, controllable and adjustable ozone to disinfect shoes, helmet and gloves etc., to remove odors by killing efficiently various fungus including those of causing dermatophytosis (athlete’s foot).

STERYDRY shoe dryer and sterilizer is also a powerful dryer who can produce a heat of 70 °C rise. It becomes easy to dry a pair of wet shoes and sticky shoes even in very cold climate.”


We decided to try this out on those offending wetsuit boots….I have a very poor sense of smell…but those boots….Oh yes….I can always smell them…..

I have to admit to not being able to put things together usually….Christopher has many uses….this one….easy to put together, instructions easy to understand, I did it!…it basically sterilizes first and dries second….

We usually wash our boots in cold water and then just hang them up to drip dry and this can take AGES…..how many mornings have I forced on damp boots….not my favourite part of the jumping in the sea process… So, I rewashed these in cold water…then popped them on the Sterydry….Now, if doing this again I would most likely let them drip dry for a short while first….it’s amazing how much water comes out of a wet wetsuit boot….for this reason you will see a tea towel behind the machine collecting those extra drips…


Not being sure quite how long it would take I did two lots of twenty minutes on the drying….this left the foot part completely dry and the ankle part just slightly damp….brilliant….How about the smell?  I hear you cry….


I wouldn’t normally use this on my table but this is miraculous….he of the smelly boots can even sit next to them eating pancakes and smiling at the same time…. I plucked up the courage and stuck my nose right into those boots…they smell slightly of rubber…yep, the hideous odour is gone….all gone….

Now this little device will be staying in our house as we minimalize as it is most certainly something we will use…we have a couple of pairs of walking boots which need a wash….you can dry gloves, helmets, socks…you can place it in a room which needs a bit of a dry out and it will be perfect to attach to an extension lead in my car later….oh yes, I left my car window open in the rain last night…..

So, let your children play in the mud….indeed, play in the mud yourself…this little beauty will entice you to wash things you have been putting off for ages….


Click here to go and see the science stuff about how the Sterydry really works and what it can do for you…

Geri xxx

30 Days of Gratitude..15..What Feels Like the End is Often the Beginning..


Short and sweet today as there is much to do here….two car collections in one week….finding out just how far you can drive when you forget to take the wheel clamp off the trailer….not recommended… Now the fun work starts in putting together the history of the cars and putting them right…apparently this is called “fettling”..on researching this word appears to come from up North which will explain my ignorance being a Cornish maid….

Today is about the changing seasons….the things we are grateful for in each season….and we truly are…even though the seasons are ever so subtly changing every year….Each time a new season begins I think…”Aaaaah this is my favourite season….”



Personally I have warm tea and messy hair as a constant through each season…but hot chocolate, woolly socks…yes, big sloppy sweaters….falling asleep to rainfall on the windows…the first lightings of the wood burners….the snuggling…reading books in bed on early dark nights….flickering candles…fairy lights…indeed, yes I do like Autumn…



Well, I don’t madly like being too cold….on the other hand I don’t madly like being too hot either….Of course, within the chill of winter there is Christmas….when the family gets together….when my mother falls off her chair pulling Christmas crackers, when my dad get’s excited about receiving a torch after one too many whiskys…when we wear silly hats and eat too much and love each other even more than we usually do….So for this family reason…yes, I really do like winter….



Aaaah, yes, Spring….the music of open windows….of nature coming to life again of birdsong….of washing on the line (when I get one again….) of brighter days, of bracing walks and healthy blooming cheeks (my peri-menopause is however giving me this one all year round…) of seeing neighbours about you haven’t seen in some time…the end of hibernation…Yes, Spring is most refreshing….I really like Spring



Being lucky enough to live on the coast, for us Summer is about those sandy toes and for me bright red, peeling nose rather than sunkissed….eating in the garden,  slowing down in the warmth….faces to the sun feeling the hotness through your eyelids….buzzy insects (we don’t suffer with these, we just hear them)…all the windows open….Now for us, maybe open topped car journeys…that will be a new one for me….the smell of cut grass….(tiny bit of sneezing)…and the bright colours of the flowers….the sound of the ocean…supper on the beach watching the sun go down….oh yes, I really do love the Summer….

So, do have a happy Friday….see as many happy things as you can….this is your life!!

Live it…


Going to bore you with car pictures on Sunday!!!

Watch this space…

Geri xxx

30 Days of Gratitude..14..See the Beauty in Everyday Things..


Today is about the beauty of sight….I don’t have great sight and without contact lenses or glasses I am pretty much lost..however, today is short and sweet….it’s not about what is in front of you, what is presented to you every day to look at…it’s all about what you choose to see….it really is up to you…really, really look around you today…see the beautiful things you normally take for granted….don’t take the phone out and take a picture of it…just really look at it….enjoy it….

Have a beautiful Monday!!!!


And may you always see wishes…

Geri xxx

30 Days of Gratitude 13..Which Step Have You Reached Today..


Today is all about the abilities we have for which we are grateful….I spend a huge amount of time appreciating the abilities of others…it is so much easier to see them in others and oh so difficult to find them in yourself…Me? I spend far too much time on steps two and three…Christopher is the master of getting to the top stair…apparently with ease, even though I can tell you there is a huge amount of hard work involved….Some of us just believe we can do whatever we like, some of us don’t …but I do believe we can change this..

Zipwire at Eden? Hopped over step one, I was determined to do it….kind of jumped right on up to step 3….step 4 was loads of searches on You Tube to check out how it was done…step 5 and 6 merged into one big step getting harnessed up….step 7 was thrust upon me as I dangled there waiting to be pushed…step 8…what a fantastic step…I don’t reach step 8 often enough.  Think of something you don’t think you can do….go on! Creep your way up those steps…you might be surprised…

We spend a massive amount of time encouraging our loved ones to achieve and to realise their brilliant abilities….even though we should never stop doing this, maybe sometimes we need to do a little more of it for ourselves…

Let me think….I am finally able to cook….I used to be totally useless and stuck on “I want to do it”…as soon as I made the leap and jumped into “How do I do it?” the momentum was there….now I love it…Of course, if you have the passion, the ability should naturally follow….if you don’t love to do something…just don’t do it…move on and find your passion, don’t feel let down, don’t feel like you are letting anyone else down…just choose something else and climb another flight of stairs…it won’t always be exactly what you had imagined at the top..it rarely is….just hop down to step 2 of the next staircase…

Yesterday….myself as guinea pig…Georgia had her first go at waxing…I had a moment of “This is going to hurt”, but you know what? She is a natural!  Yay, lets get training this personal beautician for me…..selfishly? nooooooo…… There,  a new ability is being born….she is setting off on her steps…I think she might get to the top of those stairs pretty quickly…

Yesterday I received my reading for November….I love the book parcel when it comes….Authors across the world, I salute you for your abilities…for sticking at it through all the rejections and making my bedtime a magical place for all types of stories and imaginings…

The mysterious parcel has been received by sister Soozi…she hasn’t had the best year with internet fraudsters stealing £204,000 from her meaning she couldn’t go through with a house purchase, meaning she is still in the one bedroom flat they were renting until they bought a house….meaning they now have to apply for a mortgage which will be a small one as they are technically old….obviously not old in spirit, just financial terms….meaning still now building up solicitors fees whilst everyone washes their hands of any responsibility… fraudsters….how do you sleep at night??? In fact, I really hope you don’t…..

Anyway, it was a small gesture, but now Rudolph has been hung on the wall and Christmas has officially started in that household…

Check out the other items at Cover Story I just spotted some cute bookmarks in there too….stocking filler joy!! (not affiliate link….just because it’s all lovely stuff!).

Not sure I had that much make up ever….let alone when I was 14…thanks to Glossybox I have a great range to choose from in Georgia’s room….when she is out….sshhhh…don’t anyone tell her….

So, today think about all of those abilities you already have and be grateful for them….think about all of those abilities you could have and just do it…throw yourself into the learning pit!  Have fun!! We are….in fact, we just bought our first classic car….watch this space…more to come….


Happy Friday…yay!!!

Geri xxx

30 Days of Gratitude..12..Your Sparkle Has Not Gone Unnoticed..


Today is about textures…had to think long and hard about this one as textures are not something I think about too much and maybe I should…I like the feel of silk…I like the look of lace…crisp cotton sheets are marvellous…I have to wait for hotels for this as I am not that hot on laundry…all a bit hit and miss and nothing ever matches…

So today I am showing you pretty pictures and links to those pictures…none affiliated..

Ruth Singer – Textile Artist

Judith Baker Montano – they can be pretty expensive to purchase, which is not surprising due to the amount of beautiful time which goes into this artwork…if you don’t want to spend that much…get the book and have a go yourself….absolutely stunning….

Also try out Cover Story on Folksy

My purchase came wrapped so beautifully that I decided it only should  be opened by somebody who deserved it and who didn’t actually know what was within the lovely parcel…so I have sent it to the deserving recipient…can’t say where it is going as it won’t have arrived yet…but I hope for a picture of it when it gets there to show you…it is really lovely…thank you Angela I will be back for more from you….

So, yes, in my world of downsizing, I am throwing in some purchases…just make sure it is a quality, beautiful item…you will use it, you need it…you won’t just buy it and throw it in a drawer never to see the light of day again….or, you are buying it for someone, just to make them smile…


Have a lovely Wednesday….and make someone smile…and look at pretty things…just sparkle…

Geri xxx