The Most Glorious Mess in the World..


Merry Christmas to one and all, whether you celebrate it or not….consider yourself hugged..

Ours was a lovely day, shared with family, too much sugary food and stuff, oh yes, there are bags of stuff every where….

This year, to save having too much we worked from lists…to be sure we gave each other the things that we really really wanted….I could open a Liz Earle shop with all my beautifully packaged and smelling bottles and lotions and magical potions….very happy!!

I got Unicorn slippers, yay!! I have the Liz Earle Wellbeing Yearbook, which was an added bonus because I really wanted to keep the very same one I bought for my sister….I got some earrings..a really lovely lamp, pyjamas, candles, Hummingbird cookery books…so many really lovely things…all exactly what I needed…now for the sorting out of it all….

This year, not having to do the cooking and hosting, I actually got to go for a Christmas Day walk….a lovely stroll around Lanhydrock House…not too cold…another little stroll to check out some trees we helped to plant for the National Trust about 20 years ago….then back home for lunch and the stunning fairy Christmas cake….made by Doylie’s very talented mum….

Now it’s time for sorting and planning…I am taking a week out so here is your Happy New Year….just remember that the secret to happiness is pretty simple…


Wouldn’t life be a simpler happier place if we could all remember this…

Have fun folks, stay safe and see you in the New Year….

Geri xxx

Minimalism is now on Netflix..


Last night we decided to chill….a beer for Christopher….my one drink this year…a sherry…We chose to watch Minimalism now it’s on Netflix….

If you don’t have Netflix pop on over to the Minimalists website where there are other routes to this little gem… Just click here…

Much recommended, a very very interesting watch, we were captivated from the very beginning.  You sit, you watch, you take it in…you start to plan things as you sit and watch…

Joshua and Ryan are endearing….”I’m a hugger, man”…why would you consider leaving without getting those hugs!!  You follow their road trip spreading the word, bringing the “recipe” to the people…it truly is like having your eyes opened, finally seeing through the fog….

The film includes other speakers, each one of them with advice and facts to inspire you to start the journey…if this is coming across as a little too spiritual for you, it really isn’t…it’s just about spending less time on things and more time on life….on people…on you… don’t get caught up in the corporate trap…don’t spend all of your time buying things and maintaining things(or not) that you never use…don’t buy things just because they are in the sale…make every item have a purpose….

This morning Christopher has tidied his work area, there are bags of rubbish appearing, there is a pile of flattened boxes….we have started thinking about a smaller house….of course this won’t be immediate, he has only just finished building his garage and he should enjoy it….we also have a massive amount of work to do sorting and selling and donating…but finding enjoyment in the doing will be part of the process….it’s quite exciting.

Don’t be confused by the whole minimalism concept….there are many ways of living… just grasp the basics and make it fit you….

I trotted off to bed and finished The More of Less: Finding the Life You Want Under Everything You Own  (affiliate link) by Joshua Becker.  Really nicely written, easy to read, doesn’t preach at you, just points you in the right direction with lots of tips and personal stories and experiences….


Joshua Becker also has a blog styled site, again down to earth and very easy to read….

Becoming Minimalist

pop over and have a browse, even if it just changes one little part of your life it will be worth your while…

On that note it’s time for me to throw out old flowers, put away all of the things on my worktops, wash some dishes, do the final wrapping and have a cup of tea…

Simple is good….


Nobody is saying you have to do it, after all it’s all about choice, but just start thinking about it….the possibilities are endless…

One more sleep until family time…a little excited…

Geri xxx

If Tea Can’t Fix It..


So, Christopher travels over the Tamar for a few meetings and brings back illness….honestly there should be testing for this at the Cornwall/Devon border….but because there is no quarantine I have been poorly since the beginning of December…I must not lie, it is a tiny bit better but it surely is lingering….

So, lashings of tea and cake is much needed….and lemon and honey….Having bags and bags of my Dad’s apples in the freezer, which I add he has kindly already chopped for me….time to find a cake recipe….I found the Apple Crumble cake (CLICK HERE).. apparently based on a German recipe…and very nice it was!  I never have everything needed for a recipe and part of the fun is replacing what you don’t have with things you think might work….

For all sugars in the recipe I used coconut sugar instead, I ran out of the naughty white version last week ….I had no vanilla essence or powder so left it out…even though I have loads of lemon….I actually forgot to put it in…I used some ginger instead of the vanilla…

My replacements all worked….the crumble was tricky, it appeared more dough like than crumble like so threw in some more flour and then giving up just threw it on as it was….it’s OK….tastes great…must get custard for later….


Do you know somebody struggling with the dreaded sniffles?

You know what to do!!!

Three more sleeps folks….

Geri xxx

Summer in Tintagel..Amanda James


I chose this book to read next, mainly grabbed by the title as we live in Tintagel so it had a little pressure up front to live up to the reality….

Ambitious journalist Rosa Fernley has been asked to fulfil her grandmother Jocelyn’s dying wish. Jocelyn has also passed on a secret – in the summer of 1968, fleeing from the terror of a bullying husband, she visited the mysterious Tintagel Castle. Jocelyn wasn’t seeking love, but she found it on the rugged clifftops in the shape of Jory, a local man as enigmatic and alluring as the region itself. But she was already married, and knew her husband would never let her find happiness and peace in Jory’s arms.

Now as her days are nearing their end, she begs Rosa to go back to Tintagel, but is unwilling, or unable, to tell her why. Rosa is reluctant – she has a job in London, a deadline that won’t wait and flights of fancy are just not in her nature. Nevertheless, she realises it might be the last thing she will do for her beloved grandmother and agrees to go.

Once in Tintagel, Rosa is challenged to confront secrets of her own, as shocking events threaten to change everything she has ever believed about herself and her family. She also meets a guide to the castle, Talan, a man who bears a striking resemblance to Jory.

Will the past remain cloaked in tragedy, sadness and the pain of unrequited love? Or can Rosa find the courage and strength to embrace the secrets of the past, and give hope to the future?

The story line is quite simple and not over complicated and is beautifully told.  The characters are interesting, I am an ordinary Cornish maid, as you know and Rosa at the beginning was not for me..but Tintagel worked its magic on her and she developed, she has potential to fit in here… Talan is a leading man reminiscent of a modern day Poldark…I found myself nipping into the village yesterday afternoon expecting Rosa to appear from within the garden walls of Lewis’ Bed and Breakfast….and hoping to see Talan striding up the street…alas they were not to be seen and being this time of year Granny Wobblys Fudge shop was closed…oh the injustice…but probably, thinking of the waistline…for the best.

The descriptions of the church and the castle were lovely and reminded me I should take a stroll around there very soon…it is a pretty magical place…and after Christmas all those steep steps can only do some good….

It is a lovely read….made personal for me by the scenery being on my doorstep….

If you haven’t visited Tintagel it is well worth a visit…even though I haven’t actually been in the old post office yet….on the list for next year…Yes the bed and breakfast does exist, there is a fudge shop, there is a Willow Moon witchy shop and the scenery around the castle and Merlin’s cave is pretty haunting….

Sometimes it takes a book like this to open your eyes to the beauty and history that surrounds you every day…

Summer in Tintagel (Amazon affiliate link).

Willow Moon

Lewis’ Trip Advisor reviews.

Granny Wobblys Tintagel

Geri xxx

Raising Our Children Well


So, today another tragedy….a happy Christmas market in Berlin thrown into chaos with a rampaging terrorist behind the wheel of a lorry….it saddens us so much we just don’t know how to react in front of our children…how do we toughen them up to deal with this world, the way it is going, the way it will be when we are gone?

But should we turn them into warriors, into human beings with no feelings just so that they will cope….

I have decided not to, we will not give up our gentle ways and we will not lower ourselves to join these disturbing troubled people who continue to bring us such grief..

We will continue to treat every person we meet with the respect they deserve and we will not judge people purely on their colour or religion..


Do we want our children to be rich or to be happy?  Some might say both…but if I have to pick just one, it will always be happiness….

So today, love your children, teach them what is right and love each other, be kind and never ever give up on your world being a peaceful place…

Geri xxx

Carabella with a personal twist..


In my busy, hectic schedule here is a quick review for you….Of course I can’t reveal at this time exactly what I bought…that would spoil a couple of surprises…but I can give you my experience of dealing with Carabella Gifts..

I found them through Google….I think, it’s one big Christmas last minute shopping blur…

The website is really pretty, great pictures and very easy to use…

I love the choices….the gifts are just a little bit different.  In an online world with what feels like millions of choices, it’s refreshing to find something with a little bit of extra class… Absolutely spoilt for choice…

Order placed and first communication almost immediately…some of the bits weren’t available but I was given alternatives which were brilliant, or I could wait until the missing bits arrived which would not be long.  Time was of the essence, my last minute shopping as usual adding pressure….why do I do that?? So, I chose the alternatives…

I was given the option of sending directly to the recipients but as I needed to add some presents to it I opted to have it sent to me…the communication with Caaren was spot on…I felt like my order was being looked after personally and in this day and age this is pretty rare…

Next day, the package arrived….really well parcelled, correctly labelled as Fragile and the bits I bought??  Marvellous! Quality items and in a stunning box just what I wanted…it’s a shame I can’t at this point say any more….so I will simply let the pictures speak for themselves…(these aren’t the items I bought, just so the stalking family know…)

Absolutely more than happy to send you on your merry way to the website to take a look for yourself…

Carabella Gifts (not affiliated and no freebies received, just very pleased with it all)

Dare I say, my shopping for this year is very almost finished….I really don’t relish the stress involved in getting it all done in time….Next year, next year, I will be ready….


Enjoy the Xmas journey folks…..I’ll be back….

Geri xxx

The Christmas Promise..Sue Moorcroft


On a snowy December evening, Sam Jermyn steps into the life of bespoke hat maker Ava. Sparks fly, and not necessarily the good ones.

Times are tough for Ava – she’s struggling to make ends meet, her ex-boyfriend is a bully, and worst of all, it’s nearly Christmas.

So when Sam commissions Ava to make a hat for someone special, she makes a promise that will change her life. She just doesn’t know it yet…

I really like this story….I loved the lay out, the day by day build up to Christmas and I always like a title to a chapter….just one of those little touches I enjoy.

The characters were all believable, I can see them in my head as soon as I am introduced to them and I find myself floating through the story with them like some sort of ghost of Christmas….a silent one…

To make this a little different it also tackles cyber bullying, revenge porn and a potentially terminal illness.  It is successful in not being doom and gloom and to be honest if the only thing you take away from reading it is a little wisdom then it will be well worth it.  The story line is handled sensitively and flows beautifully.

If a book calls me to bed before 9pm every night until I have finished it you know it’s a thumbs up from me!!

I do recommend this as a Christmas read….it must be in demand as it’s currently out of stock at Amazon but put in your order if you fancy it because they will restock it soon.  Or get it on Kindle….I am still a paperback girl and constantly planning a room dedicated to books and cake and bunting…..

The Christmas Promise (Amazon affiliate link)

Pictures above from:

Travel With Kat

Jane Taylor London

Priscilla Mae et Al

Now on to the next tale…..happy Friday all!!!

Geri xxx