30 Days of Gratitude..23..The Presence of Family Wrapped in Love..


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Today is about tradition.  The traditions I am grateful for….it might not be politically correct in certain places, but I am grateful for and totally love Christmas….We all celebrate these times in different ways…however you want to celebrate it, go ahead and enjoy it, don’t be offended by the different religions, the different beliefs, just surround yourself with the people you love and snuggle in the fluffiness of Christmas time…

I won’t lie, it did used to be about the presents….firstly it was about the receiving….then over time, the enjoyment came from the giving….and now, it’s all about Christmas Eve when the family gets together, the boys go to the pub, the girls stay home and gossip until the call comes to collect from the pub and we all hope my Dad has survived a few whiskies and Doylie won’t fall over on the ice…

Christmas day we have Santa gifts…usually a bit cheeky…we open presents, my Mum falls off the chair pulling a cracker…Soozi cries at nearly all of her presents….Christopher gives us “experience” presents which will be, he thinks, character forming…..in reality it stops us sleeping at night and makes us cry on the day….but we never tell  him this…

We eat loads and regret it later….we hope Christopher won’t get another bladder infection and spend another Boxing Day in Casualty, we play a million board games at Soozi’s insistence….there are prizes…my Dad always cheats but never wins….

I have a tiny, tiny bit of Christmas excitement now it’s December….it just never works for me in November, far too soon….and it’s my birthday on Saturday so Christmas can start after that….never before…..

So, am I grateful for Christmas?…I am, for the family getting together, you can keep the Quality Street, we do it for the quality times….

Today was the start of the advent calendar excitement…. the shops charge a huge amount for these now….so, if you get one like these Body Shop advent calendars be sure to save the empty boxes….the one on the right is Georgia’s from Auntie Soozi from the shop…the one on the left is last years saved empty advent calendar used to put new little gifts in for this year…this is mine from Auntie Soozi and she has one created by me….it was fun to do!  So, keep those advent calendars and use them again next year!!

Happy Days!!

Geri xxx

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