30 Days of Gratitude..25..I’m Going on the Bouncy Castle!


Today is about a grateful moment this week….no, I didn’t get on a bouncy castle, but I would have if I had seen one… At the weekend I had my fiftieth birthday…woo hoo…

I spent it just how I wanted to…making cakes and flapjacks, wearing a new apron and surrounded by a select few family and friends…no big party for me…

Fabulous presents, a selection of candles and Liz Earle goodies….overalls for my new car engine lessons with the gorgeous Christoff…..a promised weekend away at Sennen Cove….a cookery day at River Cottage with the glorious Soozi in February….Dawn visited and it was so lovely to see her, and she brought Nigella goodies made with her own fair hand….Dawn you must visit so much more often!!  Then Christopher made curry, the cat had a wee in the kitchen and the mop came out, it was not a good moment…

How do I feel about getting older?? Well, I enjoy the absence of peer pressure….that joy disappeared a while ago…I don’t drink anymore so no hangovers….if I fancy a day in old clothes, no make up and forgetting to brush my hair…it really doesn’t matter and I do it….Christopher will tell you this is most days….

I see today trending…..Piers Morgan insisting that Madonna should “put it away” and “act her age”….sometimes I like this bloke, sometimes I don’t ….today I don’t …honestly, if the lady wants to twerk in the car with James Corden at the age of 58 let her do it…I mean, this is James Corden….one of my crushes…who wouldn’t???  I don’t know if I would like Madonna or if I wouldn’t if I ever met her….but you have to give it to her, she is still strutting it, she is pretty fit…no matter what she might or might not have had done… so Piers my lovely, put down the bucket…judge not and chill….

So, being 50 is OK….still much to do…much to learn…much to try….nobody here is taking up soap watching arm chair napping just yet….but if that is your thing…that is your thing…. watch this space though, it has been ages and maybe that mid life crisis is biting at me….today I am doing a full aerobic workout, I hope to be here to tell the tale tomorrow….

Life really is what you want to make of it….it is all about the simple things….eat basic things…with the odd cake thrown in here and there, drink water, use coconut oil on your face, never walk past a bouncy castle….and laugh, lots….


Now, go and enjoy your day!!

Geri xxx

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