30 Days of Gratitude 26..Unfollow Negative People..


Today is about forms of expression… Sometimes I am grateful for social media, sometimes I am so glad that I remember the days without it…only last week we decided that life would have been hugely different had there been social media when we were teenagers…I personally think on the whole, we had it better….

However, if used correctly, social media is a great way to express yourself…if you keep it positive.  I have read comments from people I actually thought I knew, which never fail to surprise me….are we just dragged in to the whole negative and dark side sometimes?

I think, stick with the “if you haven’t got something nice to say, don’t say anything atall”. Maybe this is my “don’t rock the boat” attitude…but who’s to say that this isn’t the right attitude?  I choose to find the positive in the internet…the places to learn, the places to grow.  I won’t be drawn into being critical of others…my reviews will be good, not because I think everything is marvellous, just because I choose not to share the things I don’t like…it’s just not fair….

I use Instagram to store photos…..I enjoy seeing inspirational photos of others.  I use Twitter as a way to connect….I have learnt loads there with lots of great links…

I use Facebook to stalk….I mean, keep up to date with family and friends.  If I see nasty talk I will bypass it….if I come across a “troll” they are deleted and blocked…no backwards and forwards arguing….life is far to short for all of that….

Find your inspiration…..share your happy reviews and pictures of your families, great places you have visited, your animals….if too much of this from someone else starts to bug you just unfollow (on Facebook you don’t have to unfriend so nobody gets offended).  If someone unfollows you don’t be offended, your thing is just not their thing….you can live with this….I do….

Sometimes, well lots of times….use the internet to find out how to do things….then switch it off, drop that phone….(difficult I know, which proves it really is an addiction) and go and do that thing you have read about and envied…..Personally I dream of being able to sew….I spend hours looking at the fabulous things others have made….I could spend this time actually having a go….I have found a project and I am going to try it….I shall share the results when it happens.  For now it’s finishing the buying presents and wrapping them challenge….not many left to do now….then we get our family together day…


So, fill your internet time with positivety, make plans and go out and achieve them….if it doesn’t go to plan, at least you had a go…..

On that note I am off to tidy and sort and do things…..to keep you going, as I have been neglecting you of our feline pictures….here are Timmy Twoshoes and Mollie Topshop….still with us, still not quite getting what the litter tray is for….

Have a happy and productive weekend!!!

Geri xxx

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