Hey you, Nurse! You’re Awesome! 30 days of Gratitude..27..

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Today is about the small daily things I am grateful for….today I choose the NHS staff.  No, I don’t use it daily, thankfully, but it is used daily and don’t we all like to complain about it..

From my own experience, no complaints….I have always had great care, the nurses have always been wonderful….Even though my two weeks in hospital after having Georgia were not my finest days, they did try with the facilities and staff they had….I will name names…it might be fourteen years ago but Una you saved me….really….saved my sanity… and a few years later you nursed my mum after an operation too….

Several years ago my sister, yes the ever bubbly Soozi, suffered a brain haemorrhage (see my font has changed here….that’s because I copied and pasted because I couldn’t spell that, I don’t know how to change it back).  Anyway, the care she received at Southampton Hospital was second to none…and I believe she was an interesting patient…..

I haven’t had any huge procedures, just minor, carpal tunnel surgery and the thing they do after an abnormal smear test…but that treatment has always been available….the tests are always there for you, always, always get tested!….mammogram now checked off and all clear…in January I get 24 hours of blood pressure testing….honestly, here in the UK we are so lucky….just look at the options in other countries..


Could I be a Nurse?? I could not…I don’t have what it takes….it does indeed take a very special person…where do they get the strength of character to deal with us grumpy lot when we are ill??

So, Nurses, Doctors and all health professions in between working for the NHS….you have my gratitude, no matter your nationality, colour, religion…just, thanks…for doing it…you must be just a tiny bit mad….

Talking of a tiny bit mad….


Two years ago my Mum had a knee replacement…Soozi and Georgia visited her in hospital….no comment….

Have a Happy and Healthy Tuesday!!!

Geri xxx

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