Carabella with a personal twist..


In my busy, hectic schedule here is a quick review for you….Of course I can’t reveal at this time exactly what I bought…that would spoil a couple of surprises…but I can give you my experience of dealing with Carabella Gifts..

I found them through Google….I think, it’s one big Christmas last minute shopping blur…

The website is really pretty, great pictures and very easy to use…

I love the choices….the gifts are just a little bit different.  In an online world with what feels like millions of choices, it’s refreshing to find something with a little bit of extra class… Absolutely spoilt for choice…

Order placed and first communication almost immediately…some of the bits weren’t available but I was given alternatives which were brilliant, or I could wait until the missing bits arrived which would not be long.  Time was of the essence, my last minute shopping as usual adding pressure….why do I do that?? So, I chose the alternatives…

I was given the option of sending directly to the recipients but as I needed to add some presents to it I opted to have it sent to me…the communication with Caaren was spot on…I felt like my order was being looked after personally and in this day and age this is pretty rare…

Next day, the package arrived….really well parcelled, correctly labelled as Fragile and the bits I bought??  Marvellous! Quality items and in a stunning box just what I wanted…it’s a shame I can’t at this point say any more….so I will simply let the pictures speak for themselves…(these aren’t the items I bought, just so the stalking family know…)

Absolutely more than happy to send you on your merry way to the website to take a look for yourself…

Carabella Gifts (not affiliated and no freebies received, just very pleased with it all)

Dare I say, my shopping for this year is very almost finished….I really don’t relish the stress involved in getting it all done in time….Next year, next year, I will be ready….


Enjoy the Xmas journey folks…..I’ll be back….

Geri xxx

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