Raising Our Children Well


So, today another tragedy….a happy Christmas market in Berlin thrown into chaos with a rampaging terrorist behind the wheel of a lorry….it saddens us so much we just don’t know how to react in front of our children…how do we toughen them up to deal with this world, the way it is going, the way it will be when we are gone?

But should we turn them into warriors, into human beings with no feelings just so that they will cope….

I have decided not to, we will not give up our gentle ways and we will not lower ourselves to join these disturbing troubled people who continue to bring us such grief..

We will continue to treat every person we meet with the respect they deserve and we will not judge people purely on their colour or religion..


Do we want our children to be rich or to be happy?  Some might say both…but if I have to pick just one, it will always be happiness….

So today, love your children, teach them what is right and love each other, be kind and never ever give up on your world being a peaceful place…

Geri xxx

3 thoughts on “Raising Our Children Well

  1. Had interesting conversation with a work collega today, She thinks it would to have some form of mindfulness taught in schools, from primary level till secondary school. Think its quite an intersting idea.

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