Summer in Tintagel..Amanda James


I chose this book to read next, mainly grabbed by the title as we live in Tintagel so it had a little pressure up front to live up to the reality….

Ambitious journalist Rosa Fernley has been asked to fulfil her grandmother Jocelyn’s dying wish. Jocelyn has also passed on a secret – in the summer of 1968, fleeing from the terror of a bullying husband, she visited the mysterious Tintagel Castle. Jocelyn wasn’t seeking love, but she found it on the rugged clifftops in the shape of Jory, a local man as enigmatic and alluring as the region itself. But she was already married, and knew her husband would never let her find happiness and peace in Jory’s arms.

Now as her days are nearing their end, she begs Rosa to go back to Tintagel, but is unwilling, or unable, to tell her why. Rosa is reluctant – she has a job in London, a deadline that won’t wait and flights of fancy are just not in her nature. Nevertheless, she realises it might be the last thing she will do for her beloved grandmother and agrees to go.

Once in Tintagel, Rosa is challenged to confront secrets of her own, as shocking events threaten to change everything she has ever believed about herself and her family. She also meets a guide to the castle, Talan, a man who bears a striking resemblance to Jory.

Will the past remain cloaked in tragedy, sadness and the pain of unrequited love? Or can Rosa find the courage and strength to embrace the secrets of the past, and give hope to the future?

The story line is quite simple and not over complicated and is beautifully told.  The characters are interesting, I am an ordinary Cornish maid, as you know and Rosa at the beginning was not for me..but Tintagel worked its magic on her and she developed, she has potential to fit in here… Talan is a leading man reminiscent of a modern day Poldark…I found myself nipping into the village yesterday afternoon expecting Rosa to appear from within the garden walls of Lewis’ Bed and Breakfast….and hoping to see Talan striding up the street…alas they were not to be seen and being this time of year Granny Wobblys Fudge shop was closed…oh the injustice…but probably, thinking of the waistline…for the best.

The descriptions of the church and the castle were lovely and reminded me I should take a stroll around there very soon…it is a pretty magical place…and after Christmas all those steep steps can only do some good….

It is a lovely read….made personal for me by the scenery being on my doorstep….

If you haven’t visited Tintagel it is well worth a visit…even though I haven’t actually been in the old post office yet….on the list for next year…Yes the bed and breakfast does exist, there is a fudge shop, there is a Willow Moon witchy shop and the scenery around the castle and Merlin’s cave is pretty haunting….

Sometimes it takes a book like this to open your eyes to the beauty and history that surrounds you every day…

Summer in Tintagel (Amazon affiliate link).

Willow Moon

Lewis’ Trip Advisor reviews.

Granny Wobblys Tintagel

Geri xxx

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