If Tea Can’t Fix It..


So, Christopher travels over the Tamar for a few meetings and brings back illness….honestly there should be testing for this at the Cornwall/Devon border….but because there is no quarantine I have been poorly since the beginning of December…I must not lie, it is a tiny bit better but it surely is lingering….

So, lashings of tea and cake is much needed….and lemon and honey….Having bags and bags of my Dad’s apples in the freezer, which I add he has kindly already chopped for me….time to find a cake recipe….I found the Apple Crumble cake (CLICK HERE).. apparently based on a German recipe…and very nice it was!  I never have everything needed for a recipe and part of the fun is replacing what you don’t have with things you think might work….

For all sugars in the recipe I used coconut sugar instead, I ran out of the naughty white version last week ….I had no vanilla essence or powder so left it out…even though I have loads of lemon….I actually forgot to put it in…I used some ginger instead of the vanilla…

My replacements all worked….the crumble was tricky, it appeared more dough like than crumble like so threw in some more flour and then giving up just threw it on as it was….it’s OK….tastes great…must get custard for later….


Do you know somebody struggling with the dreaded sniffles?

You know what to do!!!

Three more sleeps folks….

Geri xxx

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