Minimalism is now on Netflix..


Last night we decided to chill….a beer for Christopher….my one drink this year…a sherry…We chose to watch Minimalism now it’s on Netflix….

If you don’t have Netflix pop on over to the Minimalists website where there are other routes to this little gem… Just click here…

Much recommended, a very very interesting watch, we were captivated from the very beginning.  You sit, you watch, you take it in…you start to plan things as you sit and watch…

Joshua and Ryan are endearing….”I’m a hugger, man”…why would you consider leaving without getting those hugs!!  You follow their road trip spreading the word, bringing the “recipe” to the people…it truly is like having your eyes opened, finally seeing through the fog….

The film includes other speakers, each one of them with advice and facts to inspire you to start the journey…if this is coming across as a little too spiritual for you, it really isn’t…it’s just about spending less time on things and more time on life….on people…on you… don’t get caught up in the corporate trap…don’t spend all of your time buying things and maintaining things(or not) that you never use…don’t buy things just because they are in the sale…make every item have a purpose….

This morning Christopher has tidied his work area, there are bags of rubbish appearing, there is a pile of flattened boxes….we have started thinking about a smaller house….of course this won’t be immediate, he has only just finished building his garage and he should enjoy it….we also have a massive amount of work to do sorting and selling and donating…but finding enjoyment in the doing will be part of the process….it’s quite exciting.

Don’t be confused by the whole minimalism concept….there are many ways of living… just grasp the basics and make it fit you….

I trotted off to bed and finished The More of Less: Finding the Life You Want Under Everything You Own  (affiliate link) by Joshua Becker.  Really nicely written, easy to read, doesn’t preach at you, just points you in the right direction with lots of tips and personal stories and experiences….


Joshua Becker also has a blog styled site, again down to earth and very easy to read….

Becoming Minimalist

pop over and have a browse, even if it just changes one little part of your life it will be worth your while…

On that note it’s time for me to throw out old flowers, put away all of the things on my worktops, wash some dishes, do the final wrapping and have a cup of tea…

Simple is good….


Nobody is saying you have to do it, after all it’s all about choice, but just start thinking about it….the possibilities are endless…

One more sleep until family time…a little excited…

Geri xxx

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