Hey you, Nurse! You’re Awesome! 30 days of Gratitude..27..

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Today is about the small daily things I am grateful for….today I choose the NHS staff.  No, I don’t use it daily, thankfully, but it is used daily and don’t we all like to complain about it..

From my own experience, no complaints….I have always had great care, the nurses have always been wonderful….Even though my two weeks in hospital after having Georgia were not my finest days, they did try with the facilities and staff they had….I will name names…it might be fourteen years ago but Una you saved me….really….saved my sanity… and a few years later you nursed my mum after an operation too….

Several years ago my sister, yes the ever bubbly Soozi, suffered a brain haemorrhage (see my font has changed here….that’s because I copied and pasted because I couldn’t spell that, I don’t know how to change it back).  Anyway, the care she received at Southampton Hospital was second to none…and I believe she was an interesting patient…..

I haven’t had any huge procedures, just minor, carpal tunnel surgery and the thing they do after an abnormal smear test…but that treatment has always been available….the tests are always there for you, always, always get tested!….mammogram now checked off and all clear…in January I get 24 hours of blood pressure testing….honestly, here in the UK we are so lucky….just look at the options in other countries..


Could I be a Nurse?? I could not…I don’t have what it takes….it does indeed take a very special person…where do they get the strength of character to deal with us grumpy lot when we are ill??

So, Nurses, Doctors and all health professions in between working for the NHS….you have my gratitude, no matter your nationality, colour, religion…just, thanks…for doing it…you must be just a tiny bit mad….

Talking of a tiny bit mad….


Two years ago my Mum had a knee replacement…Soozi and Georgia visited her in hospital….no comment….

Have a Happy and Healthy Tuesday!!!

Geri xxx

30 Days of Gratitude 26..Unfollow Negative People..


Today is about forms of expression… Sometimes I am grateful for social media, sometimes I am so glad that I remember the days without it…only last week we decided that life would have been hugely different had there been social media when we were teenagers…I personally think on the whole, we had it better….

However, if used correctly, social media is a great way to express yourself…if you keep it positive.  I have read comments from people I actually thought I knew, which never fail to surprise me….are we just dragged in to the whole negative and dark side sometimes?

I think, stick with the “if you haven’t got something nice to say, don’t say anything atall”. Maybe this is my “don’t rock the boat” attitude…but who’s to say that this isn’t the right attitude?  I choose to find the positive in the internet…the places to learn, the places to grow.  I won’t be drawn into being critical of others…my reviews will be good, not because I think everything is marvellous, just because I choose not to share the things I don’t like…it’s just not fair….

I use Instagram to store photos…..I enjoy seeing inspirational photos of others.  I use Twitter as a way to connect….I have learnt loads there with lots of great links…

I use Facebook to stalk….I mean, keep up to date with family and friends.  If I see nasty talk I will bypass it….if I come across a “troll” they are deleted and blocked…no backwards and forwards arguing….life is far to short for all of that….

Find your inspiration…..share your happy reviews and pictures of your families, great places you have visited, your animals….if too much of this from someone else starts to bug you just unfollow (on Facebook you don’t have to unfriend so nobody gets offended).  If someone unfollows you don’t be offended, your thing is just not their thing….you can live with this….I do….

Sometimes, well lots of times….use the internet to find out how to do things….then switch it off, drop that phone….(difficult I know, which proves it really is an addiction) and go and do that thing you have read about and envied…..Personally I dream of being able to sew….I spend hours looking at the fabulous things others have made….I could spend this time actually having a go….I have found a project and I am going to try it….I shall share the results when it happens.  For now it’s finishing the buying presents and wrapping them challenge….not many left to do now….then we get our family together day…


So, fill your internet time with positivety, make plans and go out and achieve them….if it doesn’t go to plan, at least you had a go…..

On that note I am off to tidy and sort and do things…..to keep you going, as I have been neglecting you of our feline pictures….here are Timmy Twoshoes and Mollie Topshop….still with us, still not quite getting what the litter tray is for….

Have a happy and productive weekend!!!

Geri xxx

30 Days of Gratitude..25..I’m Going on the Bouncy Castle!


Today is about a grateful moment this week….no, I didn’t get on a bouncy castle, but I would have if I had seen one… At the weekend I had my fiftieth birthday…woo hoo…

I spent it just how I wanted to…making cakes and flapjacks, wearing a new apron and surrounded by a select few family and friends…no big party for me…

Fabulous presents, a selection of candles and Liz Earle goodies….overalls for my new car engine lessons with the gorgeous Christoff…..a promised weekend away at Sennen Cove….a cookery day at River Cottage with the glorious Soozi in February….Dawn visited and it was so lovely to see her, and she brought Nigella goodies made with her own fair hand….Dawn you must visit so much more often!!  Then Christopher made curry, the cat had a wee in the kitchen and the mop came out, it was not a good moment…

How do I feel about getting older?? Well, I enjoy the absence of peer pressure….that joy disappeared a while ago…I don’t drink anymore so no hangovers….if I fancy a day in old clothes, no make up and forgetting to brush my hair…it really doesn’t matter and I do it….Christopher will tell you this is most days….

I see today trending…..Piers Morgan insisting that Madonna should “put it away” and “act her age”….sometimes I like this bloke, sometimes I don’t ….today I don’t …honestly, if the lady wants to twerk in the car with James Corden at the age of 58 let her do it…I mean, this is James Corden….one of my crushes…who wouldn’t???  I don’t know if I would like Madonna or if I wouldn’t if I ever met her….but you have to give it to her, she is still strutting it, she is pretty fit…no matter what she might or might not have had done… so Piers my lovely, put down the bucket…judge not and chill….

So, being 50 is OK….still much to do…much to learn…much to try….nobody here is taking up soap watching arm chair napping just yet….but if that is your thing…that is your thing…. watch this space though, it has been ages and maybe that mid life crisis is biting at me….today I am doing a full aerobic workout, I hope to be here to tell the tale tomorrow….

Life really is what you want to make of it….it is all about the simple things….eat basic things…with the odd cake thrown in here and there, drink water, use coconut oil on your face, never walk past a bouncy castle….and laugh, lots….


Now, go and enjoy your day!!

Geri xxx

30 Days of Gratitude..24..What Could Go Right?..


Today is about the challenges I am grateful for….I won’t lie sometimes it’s a challenge just to survive all day thinking I am a capable human being..thinking everyone else is doing everything right and I continue to do things wrong….luckily this is a rare challenging day and I am aware that we all feel like this at times, we all have those days where our confidence is low and nothing seems possible..we have to accept these days..

This aside, it is good to step outside of our comfort zones, to do something we never thought we could do..

Lately for me was the zip wire at the Eden Project…I was very scared, not liking heights, being afraid of what could go wrong….as I usually do…but we did it and what an amazing feeling afterwards!  I recommend, if you feel  you can’t do something, just try it…you will be glad you did!!


Life is short…..do stuff and enjoy!!


Geri xxx

30 Days of Gratitude..23..The Presence of Family Wrapped in Love..


2ChicksAndABasket Etsy Shop

Today is about tradition.  The traditions I am grateful for….it might not be politically correct in certain places, but I am grateful for and totally love Christmas….We all celebrate these times in different ways…however you want to celebrate it, go ahead and enjoy it, don’t be offended by the different religions, the different beliefs, just surround yourself with the people you love and snuggle in the fluffiness of Christmas time…

I won’t lie, it did used to be about the presents….firstly it was about the receiving….then over time, the enjoyment came from the giving….and now, it’s all about Christmas Eve when the family gets together, the boys go to the pub, the girls stay home and gossip until the call comes to collect from the pub and we all hope my Dad has survived a few whiskies and Doylie won’t fall over on the ice…

Christmas day we have Santa gifts…usually a bit cheeky…we open presents, my Mum falls off the chair pulling a cracker…Soozi cries at nearly all of her presents….Christopher gives us “experience” presents which will be, he thinks, character forming…..in reality it stops us sleeping at night and makes us cry on the day….but we never tell  him this…

We eat loads and regret it later….we hope Christopher won’t get another bladder infection and spend another Boxing Day in Casualty, we play a million board games at Soozi’s insistence….there are prizes…my Dad always cheats but never wins….

I have a tiny, tiny bit of Christmas excitement now it’s December….it just never works for me in November, far too soon….and it’s my birthday on Saturday so Christmas can start after that….never before…..

So, am I grateful for Christmas?…I am, for the family getting together, you can keep the Quality Street, we do it for the quality times….

Today was the start of the advent calendar excitement…. the shops charge a huge amount for these now….so, if you get one like these Body Shop advent calendars be sure to save the empty boxes….the one on the right is Georgia’s from Auntie Soozi from the shop…the one on the left is last years saved empty advent calendar used to put new little gifts in for this year…this is mine from Auntie Soozi and she has one created by me….it was fun to do!  So, keep those advent calendars and use them again next year!!

Happy Days!!

Geri xxx