A Little Gem in Punta Brava, Tenerife..


We were absolutely delighted to get ourselves booked in for a week here at this waterfront studio at Punta Brava on the outskirts of Puerto de la Cruz on the north coast of Tenerife.

The studio consists of the downstairs two windows as in the picture…completely current as we took it a couple of days ago, also stairs access to the shared roof terrace (we had it to ourselves whilst we were there).

It is a unique experience….almost like being on a boat, listening to the crashing waves and always having that perfect view….throw the doors open and relax listening to some music, sipping on some vino….eating cake…(yes there is a great little cake shop nearby)…and a great view of Teide..

You will get the feel of an authentic neighbourhood, as you make your way down the little streets and alleys to get to your little gem of a destination…cute fluffy dogs peer at you out of downstairs open windows, children play and the elderly have a friendly smile for you…

Be sure to have an expert parallel parker with you as this is a must…..there is no private parking but hey, this is part of the local experience!  Note to self, I must set up some parallel parking practice….I was not the expert of this holiday….I left this to Christopher…and very good at it he is too…..

There is a TV (which we didn’t use) who does that on holiday?? We used the sound system for some plinky plonky yoga music instead…there is also free Wifi….no issues with this, very fast, actually better than at home….

You have your own kitchen, you can use the washing machine on the roof terrace…..your room is built into the side of the rock face…..keeps it cool if you feel the need to shut the windows at night….the windows cut out a massive amount of ocean noise should you find it keeps you awake….we saw one tiny, tiny bug which even Georgia dealt with and no bites from any midgie type creatures….

We met David, we managed to communicate as he is a French/Spanish speaker and we are not….amazing how you manage it…but we have decided the time has come to learn a language, Spanish it is then…..He was very cool…..very laid back, loves his plants….

We had the comfy bed….even though there was a fold up bed for Georgia she decided the bed above us was far more exciting….this was interesting for us….as you can see…..

Just up the road you will find Loro Parque….I am always in two minds about parks with animals, but this one was lovely….gentle music guides you around the pretty grounds and the animal enclosures all appear to be animal friendly….there will always be arguments about animals in zoos and in the wild….if this is your thing it’s a pretty good one, not cheap but well worth the money….and, it’s in walking distance…

We didn’t book with Airbnb but have now discovered this might be a great place to book in future….already investigating our next destination….

Studio above the Atlantic Ocean…..check it out here…

All in all….a really relaxing time….separately will share the villages we visited during our stay here….well worth a visit….

Now back to the chill, the plus side….the woodburner…..and purring cats…..

Happy New Year!!!

Geri xxx

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