Love Is….Mutual Weirdness..


For all of you getting married this year, now that you have found your mutual weird one….there will be some bridal jewellery….here is a little taster…


These are beautifully delicate if you are going for understated. ┬áMade with authentic vintage supplies, vintage pieces which were never used to create jewellery at the time…the main dangle is really pretty with a glowing sparkle finishing it off….

I have lots of vintage supplies so hoping to use them next….with brides and bridesmaids in mind…

To inspire you, some more ideas from other retailers…


From The Wedding of my Dreams


Ideas on Rings from Festival Brides


Ideas on cakes from Wedding and Dressing


And ideas on dresses from Wedding Sparrow

So, if this is your wedding year, congratulations to you and have lots of love and fun planning the final details…I will be bringing more wedding jewellery so if you have a preferred colour please do let me know and I will be sure to include these colours for you…

Geri xxx

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