Be The Best Version of You..


The first few days of work is now over….phew!!  Day one found the printer winning the first round, not working, sending me home to use the printer there then following every tractor in the county to get back to work in time to get all the orders packed and ready to go…Hands covered in ink, even the best Lush bath bomb soak hasn’t managed to remove.. Several biscuits into the evening found me making plans to NOT eat as many sweet things at once again…why do I always do that??

Slimming World magazines and books out and today was better…..


Then, all drawers out in the craft cupboard and massive throw away of anything I will never use or I really don’t like….all ready for a craft day tomorrow…


Just couldn’t resist starting to transform an old boring brown bangle….whipped out the Mod Podge (this stuff is glorious to peel off your hands afterwards….) stage one of the transformation done….


The first items made for the charity now listed in the Etsy Shop all proceeds to go to FLEET via Tara running the 2017 London Marathon…


Tinkerbell bag charms, she is a chunky statement charm and very sparkly! Just £3.50 plus postage….only one postage charge no matter how many bits you buy….

Georgia will be making more bits for you tomorrow….It’s going to be great having a crafting work partner….


Work hard, stay true to yourself and don’t take life too seriously….be kind.

Geri xxx

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