Would I Buy This?


So today has been all about sorting and deciding what to keep and what must go….I am on the wardrobe (not physically, not climbed up there in years)….there is no point keeping things that don’t fit, that I haven’t worn in over 6 months, that I don’t in all honesty really like…Being honest I am at the time of life where my waist has disappeared and it’s going to take years of abdominal crunches to sort it out…so most of my clothes don’t make me look quite so hot anymore…

Some in bags to donate….

This is where it will be going….

Some to be sold….mostly Ebay…


Click on the picture to see the other bits I have….but remember, only buy it if you really really need it…I don’t want to fill your cupboards with things you don’t need….that’s what I have been doing for years and I can’t recommend it….

I have jewellery to come and more clothes and more miscellaneous stuff so watch this space….

Don’t forget Georgia is selling bookmarks all proceeds to go to charity

check it out….some gone already so will be chaining her to the craft table again shortly to make some more…..

Happy Sunday night all…

Geri xxx

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