The Olde Sewing Room..


We have loads and loads of beads and bits and bobs for Georgia to be able to make her jewellery and bookmarks for her chosen charity…however, ribbon is running short so a tiny little craft shopping spree was necessary…honestly!!

I found The Olde Sewing Room on Etsy….here you will find a lesson on how it should be done….beautiful pictures and quite obviously quality wares…Stunning embroidery…I already have a massive “must learn how to do” list…now embroidery is on it too….oh dear…will the list ever end…

The package came yesterday…..again, another lesson on how it should be done….

Packaged beautifully…


Was orginally even better than this, I couldn’t wait to open it so this is the opened version….

Lovely, lovely quality items…

I might have to hide these from Georgia and use for myself….no?? oh OK she can use it for the charity book marks too….

There were a couple of extra unexpected bits in the parcel to make it extra special and a handwritten note from Humayrah..


So…..hear this all ye crafters….use this shop with confidence for that added extra little “something” so hugely missing from other shopping experiences…

Most enjoyable, thanks Humayrah, I will be back!!

The Olde Sewing Room to check it out!

Pink Cobwebs Etsy Shop to check out the charity items made by Georgia for her Duke of Edinburgh Bronze award.


Happy…..what is it? Tuesday!!


Geri xxx

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