Don’t Keep Buying More Stuff


I still have boxes and boxes of broken jewellery and I rarely wear jewellery anyway so what to do with it….

I am taking it all apart and recreating new pieces of jewellery, little pieces of unique art are being reborn…brought back to life…

But I still don’t need all of it so watch this space as it becomes available for you to look at if you want to get ideas to create your own….or to buy if you really like it….

Tonight a multi stranded charm bracelet….this was fun to make…


This one is £15.00 plus postage.  Just click on the picture to investigate further.

So, don’t just go buying brand new stuff when there are so many recycled things to be had….and remember, if you don’t really love it or need it….don’t get it…simple as that…


My downsizing continues….it has escalated into a grand plan for the next 30 days so I will share with you as things go and how it feels….

Happy Rainy Thursday!!

Geri xxx

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