Accepting Real Life….


I have plucked “Simple Abundance – A Day Book of Comfort and Joy” from my downstairs toilet shelf and picked todays title to ponder on.

Accepting real life is a tough one…maybe accepting what you already have is wise, does bring about a sigh of relief, a lifting of any pressures to have what you don’t have…but does it take away the drive to be better? To achieve your goals? To break away from bad habits?

The internet and social media….now that’s where the unreal image is born….


Is that me?  It is not…..I am actually sitting at my old farmhouse style table covered in marks and scratches (I like to think characterful, and it’s the table, not me I am talking about here), I am wearing an old blue fluffy dressing gown and pink fluffy slippers….I haven’t put in my contact lenses yet, I look like Olive from On the Buses (Google it), my nails are short, some have left over glittery varnish, one is bright orange, Georgia wanted to see the colour…..I haven’t brushed my hair yet, and  some days I don’t….I work in a warehouse by myself so don’t imagine me Kate Bush style walking like this into some sort of executive office….I always brush my teeth and I always Liz Earle my face and I always plaster myself in coconut oil before sleep… really it’s just a messy hair issue for me…..I actually am very happy with this routine, so there is a certain element of accepting real life, would I post a picture of me in my old dressing gown?  Probably not, so there is the non acceptance of real life.


Real life is that I am fatter than I used to be.  I don’t want to be skinny, I used to want to be skinny, but later life and wisdom has taught me that healthy is the new skinny….I have never smoked, these days I rarely drink, just a sherry at Christmas which throws me into a peri menopausal flush moment…..But, I learned to make cake, which exciting as it was, has tested my will power hugely….I now must stop making cake….the time will possibly come when I am happy to accept myself as larger, that time is not here yet and I am fighting this one….the oncoming menopause might have already stolen my waistline but I am claiming it back, yes I am, from right now….so here is the non acceptance of real life, here is my declaration that real life can be changed….


I do accept that I have no unique and genius skills……I am moderately good at things, I have a go at things, but I am not brilliant at any one thing…..I envy those that do….I am only human, I feel jealousy like anyone else….I can’t juggle, I have tried…I haven’t tried a unicycle yet, but would give it a go….I am, alas, not a unicorn….I might now be fifty and have accepted my limitations, but this doesn’t mean I will give up searching….it is absolutely never too late to find your “thing”….


So, accepting real life?  It is like most things just a matter of balance….accepting the things you can’t change….do I like my nose? No I don’t but I will accept it because I am not prepared to have surgery to change it….this nose is staying with me…..Do I like my tummy? No I don’t but I will do something about changing it….So, ultimately it is choice….just choose wisely….and carefully, always respect others and be kind to others when making those decisions…surely you can’t go far wrong….


Happy Tuesday!!!

Simple Abundance: A Daybook of Comfort and Joy

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser 100 ml + 2 muslin cloth

Geri xxx

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