Blessing our Circumstances..


I find this hard to discuss….I have been so, so lucky…I had a loving childhood, I still have a loving family…I have a roof over my head, I have warmth, I have good health, the bills are paid….don’t get me wrong, this hasn’t all been given to me…most of it you have to work hard for (I was pretty lucky with the family bit), apart from around 8 months I have always worked and I am now 50, so no inheritances, no lottery wins… yes, I find it pretty easy to bless my circumstances…

I do see people around in my every day life in different circumstances….as far as I see the way they cope with them are hugely down to attitude….how would I cope as Anne Frank or Viktor Frankl….I don’t know….I would like to think that I could raise myself to the massive challenge, be as inspirational as they were, find some happiness where others would see none….maybe we do raise our game to deal with the circumstances life deals to us….


This morning I was touched by a piece about The White Helmets,  the Syrian Civil Defence….the Netflix documentary is up for an Oscar, I will be watching it even though it saddens me because sometimes seeing the plight and bravery of others does bring our own petty, tiny worries into some sort of perspective….these guys are real life heroes, these guys rescue lives and they see life taken away and they still find time to smile, amongst the anguish….so, if you broke a nail today, if you heard someone has been talking about you behind your back, if you got detention for not doing your homework, if you can’t afford that new phone and are stuck with your old one, if you ate too much and feel fat….please watch it and bless your own circumstances…

Support the White Helmets…

I admit to living in my own happy bubble sometimes, just because it’s easier and because I find it hard to cope with seeing sadness in others….I find it hard to cope with the frustration of just not being able to do anything to help….

You do have to bless your own circumstances, albeit sometimes selfishly when others suffer….You do have to hope that it will  get better for others, you do have to help when you can, life is, after all a journey we are all embarking on and to give a helping hand is everything….please do it today, even if it’s just smiling at the next person you see…you don’t know what hides behind the front they show to you…..


Remember it is important to look after yourself, don’t feel guilty for what you have, there will always be somebody with more than you and there will always be somebody with less than you….do continue to create your own sunshine…

Geri xxx

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