Working With What You’ve Got..


I don’t know about you, but this, this is exactly me…..I have so many things I would like to achieve but the time is never quite right….

I want to be fitter, but today I have a little tummy ache, I will do it tomorrow….tomorrow….we all know never comes….

The secret is small steps….

I found this great article from Sam Thomas Davies, it’s short, easy to read and simple…just how we like it…

10 Lessons Learned From Doing Push-Ups Every Day for a Year

Just reading this today has inspired me to work with what I already have…..I am fit enough to do the Yoga Sun Salutation every morning this week before my shower….and next week I will add something to it….maybe that one push up, because even when I was super fit in my twenties I always struggled with push ups….

The other task this year is the massive declutter…..again, it seems like such a huge task sometimes it’s easier just to sit and think about it….

Another snippet of reading for you if you need inspiration…from Martina McGowan…

Small Steps to Decluttering and Getting Organized

Again, it’s the step by small step approach which works for me….I am pleased to say that my decluttering is a work in progress.  Another three donation bags this week from our spare bedroom alone….

So, if you are needing inspiration,  your activities to add in to today are… the two articles as linked above….Do one push up…..and get the rubbish bags out and collect up all your rubbish and broken items which are spending time cluttering up your brain….



Go create the life you always wanted….

Geri xxx

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