I Will Write Myself into Wellbeing..

Nancy Mairs…..an inspirational lady diagnosed with MS when she was just 28….her words “I will write myself into wellbeing” that is my title today.  I haven’t read any of her books but find myself wanting to….on only just having discovered Nancy I find that she was another 2016 casualty and passed away at the age of 73 on my birthday in December….

Ordinary Time

I will be starting with Ordinary Time, her story….

Why do I write my little piece here regularly?….for me it is a form of therapy….I am not a great author, my grammar is questionable, hence “ramblings” not “writings”.  I find it helps to write things down….I have lists everywhere….my problem is not in the writing of the lists, it’s in the doing of the lists….

Today I was prescribed blood pressure tablets for the first time, for me that’s a wake up call to get back on the health trail….so, it is for me now to link knowing what I need to do to actually doing what I need to do….


You don’t have to put your words out there for everyone to see….you don’t have to have great spelling or great story telling skills….get yourself an old notepad and a pencil…scribble it all out each evening….a list of what you need to do tomorrow….things you have loved during the day….things that didn’t go quite so well and how you would change this….I don’t ever write about specific people….only actions and feelings….

Give it a go…..it all makes for a better nights sleep….you might be surprised….

If you are reading this you are one of just a few people….I am not Zoella….lovely as she is….but if one little tip just helps one person change something for the better it is well worth it….


For now I have my normal “it’s Friday!!” excitement and about to research high blood pressure and the best healthy eating plan….sugar and cakes are out….

Happy Friday to you!!! Hugs!!!

Geri xxx

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