Knowing Yourself is the Beginning of all Wisdom..


Well, I finally reached fifty and I’m not even going to pretend that I have worked myself out yet….Sometimes I want to learn to sew like a genius, sometimes I want to crochet, sometimes I think it’s beads…Sometimes I think I should learn to write or play a musical instrument (I used to be quite good on the recorder..)

The problem is the over thinking…..the deciding…the choosing….there is only so long you can spend looking at inspirational ideas on Pinterest without actually switching off the social media and actually having a go….I guess this is when you finally start to get to know yourself, when you find out what you can be good at  and what doesn’t work quite so well….

Sometimes Social Media can be your friend and fate steps in….by pure chance I spotted Look What I Made…if you love crochet it’s one of the best!! I managed to get the new book Sophie’s Universe into my shopping basket but it sold out before I could check out….Second time around I got lucky and my book is here, along with the wool I need.


Checking the link today the book is out of stock again, but put your e-mail address in there and they will advise you when it is in stock again…

I haven’t crocheted since having Carpal Tunnel surgery a couple of years ago….this caught my attention and made me really, really want to make this…thanks Dedri it is absolutely stunning….

I have a huge amount to learn, I didn’t know what blocking was….now that will be an interesting day, but I do get the gist of it….

I will be sharing my progress, let’s see if crochet is my thing…..

If you want inspiration on anything Pinterest is great, but don’t get so into it that all you do is look and look and look at the work of others….pin things to your boards for a week and then take a look over the things you have saved and choose…..don’t ponder, don’t make huge pros and cons lists…even if you just write a list of things to do and stick a pin in it, just do something….after all, time is short and we must get as much enjoyment and learning  crammed into the time we have…


I would say welcome to the time wasting beast that is Pinterest…..but you have more self discipline than that don’t you?

Happy Weekend and Hooking!!

Geri xxx

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