Create Mental Movies…


Do you ever find you can’t sleep at night….you either can’t go to sleep in the first place or you wake up at 3am and you can’t go back to sleep again….stuck in that place that is too early to get up and yet feels too late to get a good nights rest…

I used to be that person….my mind was always too active, too full of worries about what could go wrong, what had already gone wrong and all the woes of the world….added to the dread of not being able to get up in the morning to go to work..

Then, I don’t remember where I read it, but I read that if you spent the whole night just relaxed in your bed, not tense, not uptight, even if you don’t go to sleep, you will at least be rested in the morning….now, whether this is scientifically correct or not didn’t matter because as soon as I decided that this was the case I stopped having trouble sleeping….

To start with, in my not sleeping but relaxing times I would use my imagination to create those mental movies of exactly where I wanted to be….I would imagine being successful, being happy, exploring, learning, rising to all challenges….I surely did enjoy my mental movies…

I am in a totally different place now….


Somewhere deep inside those movies, in my imagination, I finally realised that the things I thought I wanted were really the things that I thought other people thought I should want..not what I really wanted…

It can be hard to make changes, but sometimes those changes need to be made….

And now, I am as happy as I can be….no it wasn’t all plain sailing, but you never know what lies around the corner….plod your way through your unhappy times and just wait for the storm to pass….


Don’t ever be the victim….make changes….don’t settle for the madness..

Geri xxx

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