People Need Joy..


Margaret Collier Graham..1850 – 1910

My personal choice is to wear clothing….but if I had to choose joy or clothing….joy wins it every time…I might have to only go out when it’s dark though….

In these troubled political times I think it important to not get carried away with the hype and to find the simple pleasures which make life the great journey that it is…

Whether it’s pulling out the walking boots and going for a walk to discover a delicious view or pulling all the veggies out of your cupboards and throwing together a beautiful stew which makes the house smell great….meet a friend for coffee and cake….put on your fluffy onesie, light the fire and get out your current novel, turn off your phone and enjoy…

We are constantly at the beck and call of technology….the phone bleeps and we stop all conversation to check it out….and if we don’t our glance at it makes the conversation stilted and the moment is lost….I am guilty of this, oh yes I am and it is a battle I will always fight….I must switch it all off sometimes….for this reason I am back to the once a day Social Media log in so if you send me a message please don’t expect an immediate reply….I will be out living a little…or in the foetal position reading….

Or crocheting!!! I am re-hooked on this again….


I finally started Sophie’s Universe  I treated myself to the book…it is without doubt the best book I have had in my possession in ages….I don’t understand all of it but I am learning and this looks close enough to the picture for me to be very happy with it….This indeed brings me joy….I absolutely loved sitting and doing this yesterday evening….note to family though….when you hear me counting out loud is not the best moment to talk to me…..just so you know…..I shall keep updates of my Sophie progress here….

So people of the world my simple message to you today is to find your joy….turn off your phone and go and immerse yourself in it….interruption free and unashamedly selfish….

It might be Netflix and chill….it might be loud music and dancing….it might be getting out in the fresh air….yes, even when it rains….


It might be a bit of all of those things….but don’t sit there thinking about it….switch off the News channel and go and do it…..NOW!!

Geri xxx

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