Most People Just Exist..


So, February is drawing to a close….from now the weather will improve….after getting caught in the hails with the neighbours little dog yesterday I am pretty pleased about this.  But with the ending of February hopefully you can already look back on some good living this year..

Doing new things and “living” does not mean expensive holidays and new cars and new gadgets, it does not have to mean spending lots of money…Sometimes it’s all in the new experiences, making little changes….not living the same day over and over and over again…unless of course you want to live that same day over and over again.

If you haven’t managed to make any changes or tried anything new this year yet here are a few small suggestions for you…..just pick one today….

Grow some Hyacinths….I bought some, they came in little pots in bulb, I am a little unsure how I should keep them….do I put them in larger pots, do they get put in earth atall…I have decided to do this, of course now I can’t find any larger pots, but they are growing all the same in the tiny pots they came in….I always wanted to know how to grow flowers and it appears that these, once flowered and gone can be planted in the garden for next year….I continue to learn….When they have flowers you will see them!!

Buy some candles and try some candlelit evenings….always be so careful though….I always have candles in jars, scented so that I don’t manage to burn the house down….

Read some poetry….try some Elizabeth Barrett Browning….do this by candle light…

Do you wear the same lipstick or perfume every day….we can become creatures of habit…Try changing it….I don’t wear lipstick often so have just made the effort now and again….I think Christopher is getting suspicious…. I have 4 perfumes, two I bought myself and two were gifts….I have to plug my favourite here….Liz Earle Botanical Essence No 20 I shall save my pennies and have all of these essences eventually….

Buy yourself some flowers, or buy them for a friend….now this does not have to cost much….a bunch of daffodils from the supermarket for £1.00, when they bloom on your windowsill it’s worth the expense…

Listen to a type of music you never listened to before….try some Swing, or some Yoga music or some Cole Porter….maybe some classical….just give it a chance….you might surprise yourself.

Try a different type of food….try one of the clean eating recipes you might have turned your nose up at before thinking it to be faddy and too difficult…I haven’t tried this one yet…but I intend to very soon…


Salted Caramel and Chocolate Tart from Lucy Bee

So, little changes needn’t cost the earth….pay little notice to those who feel that spending all their wealth and parading their new toys brings happiness….we all have different ways of “living”…find yours and experiment…


Enjoy the end of your February….and let us wonder what March will bring…

Geri xxx

Eat Half, Walk Double….


After a visit to the doctor with tinnitus I came away finding out that I had high blood pressure….a routine blood pressure check established this before referral to the ear nurse….

24 hours attached to a machine testing every half hour confirmed this and I find myself on a low dosage blood pressure pill.  A month later my reading was normal but the pills must continue for another 6 months.  Do I give in to the medication….I do not….after much thought it’s time to go back to basics….

Google will point you in a million directions for diets and potions and things that might help but you know what, in black and white….I simply have the eating and walking the wrong way around…I love cake, crisps and snacking so much that I don’t have the energy to walk enough…it really is as simple as that.

In the last month I have walked to the shop more often and given the car a rest, I have almost, not quite, but almost given up crisps…(I believe thats chips overseas).  I have started some exercises and must now add a few more.  I have lost a little bit of weight and I feel better already.

For many years I was vegetarian and must admit, pondering on it….I did feel much much better then….it is an option.

So, in a nutshell, when we get a wake up call like this maybe we just complicate it a little too much, maybe simplifying the answer is the way to go…I have been hugely lucky with my health….I suffer the little things, have had psoriasis since I was 9, have also always been very short sighted…you get used to that…now I am also long sighted, that takes a bit of getting used to…which glasses today?? Tinnitus and vertigo now thrown into the mix…but I will take all of these compared to the health problems I see others facing.  I apparently have some sort of chemical brain imbalance, possibly hormonal which sees another medication daily to stop me crying at absolutely nothing…again it’s not so bad, if you have something like this never be afraid to seek help…

I will hopefully start to get healthier now I aim to simplify my diet and be more active….yoga stretches have also been so helpful, I am back to touching my toes with no problem again….

Simplify, cut out the processed….move….simple!! Enjoy!!


Now I am off to resist Christophers’ chocolate birthday cake in the fridge, eat some fruit and cereal, go to work, walk the dog who lives next door and tick off everything on my TO DO list today….

Happy Monday!!

Geri xxx

It’s OK to Rest..and The Thief’s Daughter


It’s Sunday and time to contemplate….you might have been busy all week and busy all weekend but always remember to take time out to rest.  This doesn’t have to mean drinking all day in the pub or sitting in front of the soaps all day, unless that’s your thing of course.

I like to cook, I am learning to crochet, I like beads, I would like to learn to create a garden (not sure I will be a natural at this), I like to read.

You might like to create music, you might like to write, you might like to meditate and listen to music, you might like to walk, to meet up with friends or to choose a film.  But switch off the social media and step away from work, from the household chores and do something that relaxes you… is too short to burn yourself out, it’s too short to sweat the small stuff…. Always accept that your “me time” activity is not going to be the same as everybody elses,  let others partake in the things that help them, never judge.  Sometimes for your own sanity you have to be a little selfish, you have to treat your soul, massage your inner self, retreat and recuperate.

Don’t feel guilty…..just do it….Bathe in silence, let your mind drift…switch off and float above it all.

You might be wondering about the Thief’s Daughter in the title…..this is my latest recommended reading.


Hide from the thief-taker, for if he finds you, he will take you away …
Eighteenth-century Cornwall is crippled by debt and poverty, while the gibbet casts a shadow of fear over the land. Yet, when night falls, free traders swarm onto the beaches and smuggling prospers.

Terrified by a thief-taker’s warning as a child, Jenna has resolved to be good. When her brother, Silas, asks for her help to pay his creditors, Jenna feels unable to refuse and finds herself entering the dangerous world of the smuggling trade.

Jack Penhale hunts down the smuggling gangs in revenge for his father’s death. Drawn to Jenna at a hiring fayre, they discover their lives are entangled. But as Jenna struggles to decide where her allegiances lie, the worlds of justice and crime collide, leading to danger and heartache for all concerned …

I haven’t read an old tale for some time, all my reading has been based in pretty modern times so I had been putting off picking this one up….dare I say as a thoroughly Cornish maid, I haven’t been watching Poldark….

I wish I had started this one ages ago, it was a lovely read, the characters came to life easily in my imagination….the surroundings were easy to see, living on the North Cornwall coast I can imagine the smuggling each time I go to walk the coastal path….the debtors prison was interesting, thinking of the pub The Hole in the Wall in Bodmin, I believe this was once a debtors prison…

Jenna and Jack are reminiscent of Ross and Demelza and if you are a Poldark fan you will love this one….personally I would love to see this on the TV….I look forward to grabbing many more Victoria Cornwall stories and losing myself in Cornish history…

The Thief’s Daughter (Choc Lit) (Amazon affiliate link)

So, go grab your current book, or find yourself a new one to start or just choose a relaxing activity and enjoy the rest of your Sunday…

Geri xxx

Crochet Comes Before Housework..


I think you guessed that crochet is my “thing” at the moment.  I have dabbled in the past, not very successfully, but all of a sudden I totally love it…I only stop when my hands hurt.

I get it all wrong, which initially worried me, but now I have learned to go with the flow of what will be, I call it originality…there is always a positive…

Housework must come first though, well, at least feeding the family and making sure the dishes are clean, the cats are fed, the massive decluttering and downsizing challenge and trying to keep up with the laundry…I am convinced there is an extra family living in the loft I know nothing about who regularly slip their laundry into my baskets.

How tempting is it though to get up, make breakfast and get the hook out…??

My first project is Sophies Universe, renamed Georgia’s Universe here as she is a little messed up….and not quite right….(Georgia doesn’t read this, she will never know the reasoning behind the name…)


I love the colours and the challenge of learning new stitches, the book is excellent for not just the pattern but the instruction of stitches from the most difficult to the basics…well photographed and very clear.  Next to block it….I hope it’s not too difficult!

Sophie’s Universe Crochet Along go take a look if you think you would like to have a go…

Then, even more excitement to find Amanda Bloom’s Little Box of Crochet…I got mine yesterday and it is well worth it…beautifully packaged, some great little items…

I have already started my Mug Cosy! Hoping to do something similar to decorate some pots for the Hyacinths I finally bought….

Last night I went to a local class with the lovely Maggie and learnt how to cut a piece of glass….I have an idea to make a butterfly and then move on to make some jewellery with glass…exciting new stuff…


I guess I had better do some work now, amongst all the fun stuff!!!

Happy Friday!!!


Geri xxx

Feelings, Moments, Smiles and Laughter..


Today, take your mind away from your “things” and think about your memories….some are happy, some are sad….but each and every one of your memories make you who you are today….

How many of us have awful moments….but when we look back, that awful moment lead on to something better, it all turned out right in the end….Easy as it is to say, always try to believe…always try to pull out a positive…Chances are it will all be OK….

Some memories should be cherished…I am in two minds over the memories we like to try and forget….should we analyse them, should we agonise over where we went wrong, or should we box them up and put them away…throw them away….I guess we are all different, for some it’s good to dissect them, for others it’s best to forget them….


Wherever you are and whatever has brought you to where you are…always simply refuse to let the world corrupt you….be yourself, accept the differences of others….and if you are not happy…just move on.

Have a chilled out Wednesday!!!

Geri xxx

Time is a Dressmaker Specialising in Alterations..


Faith Baldwin wrote more than 80 books and was still writing up until the time she passed away in 1978 when she was 84….

Today,  dig deep and think about the things you always wanted to do….whether you are 18, 28 or 88 it is never to late to make those alterations, time is never against you, you are never too old to make changes….in fact, the older you get, the more wisdom you gather to use to make the best choices…Don’t dither over your choices…take the leap and have a go…

This lady is in her eighties….I know!!!!


Ernestine Shepherd Facebook page

Laura Ingalls Wilder…who wrote The Little House on the Prairie…originally Pioneer Girl and The Little House in the Big Woods….when the first book came out…she was 65, I am pretty glad she persevered, I loved the Little House series.


Samuel L Jackson….


He was 43 when he finally got his first award winning role….Do what you love and don’t give up…if you don’t get successful publicly at it, at least you will have loved your time doing it…


Let your passions take you in the right direction, surf that wave until you reach your happy beach!

Geri xxx

Happily Lose Your Connections Sometimes..


As we sit here in our house on a Saturday evening….Christopher looking through the papers for classic cars and me about to pick up the crochet….I think about the whirlwind that was my twenties and some of my thirties….

The pubs, the clubs, the whisky, the wine, the thumping hangovers, the not knowing who I spoke to or how silly my dancing had been….it all seemed so exciting at the time…

It all seems to have been over in a flash…..but do I miss it….I don’t….

Friends are now scattered, some I keep in touch with…the others I think about often and hope they are all happy…

But we really do like our own company here….sitting in silence…(apart from Christopher crunching on his Chilli Doritos)..

Go out and enjoy all of the noise if you must, but don’t ever feel that something is wrong and you are lonely if you have a little “you” time….doing exactly what you like to do without having to impress, without having to please everyone else….

Get out and walk, see some pretty things just around you….it’s surprising what we miss when we are going about our busy lives…

Have a month or two without a take-away…..look up new recipes, have a go…

Take up a new craft, or revisit an old one….it doesn’t have to be too expensive…

Sometimes it’s good to lose those connections with all the madness, it doesn’t have to be forever, just long enough to recharge those batteries…


Have a peaceful weekend!!!

Geri xxx