Wood Fires and Bowls of Violets..


“China tea, the scent of hyacinths, wood fires and bowls of violets – that is my mental picture of an agreeable February afternoon”  Constance Spry 

Isn’t that far more enjoyable to conjure up than thermals and loads of rain….in fact here today we have blue skies but methinks it’s the calm before the storm…

I love violets, when we finally have a garden again I will be having a go at growing some…I don’t have the best track record for keeping plants alive…not naturally green fingered..

I already have wood fires and cups of tea mastered….hyacinths though? I have never had one…we appear to be out of season for buying them but I will keep my eyes open and grow one at the right time….

Crochet project update….I have grown Sophie but have gone wrong….I am supposed to have 12 petals and somehow I have 16…I think I know where I went wrong but I am for now carrying on regardless…I might just be able to turn this around when the time comes to turn her into a square…if it all goes wrong she will become a Sophie cushion and Sophie blanket will be restarted….it all makes for a steep learning curve but I am massively enjoying it and that’s what matters the most…I actually struggled doing the first magic ring…opting for a chain ring because I found that easier…


Don’t forget even the experts started out as beginners…so if there is something you want to learn just go for it….practice will always get you there….

Short and sweet today, much to do….

Happy February all!!!


Geri xxx

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