Be Who You Are…


We are so influenced these days on what we should and shouldn’t like….what is in fashion….what isn’t…some things we like just because everyone else does….it’s pretty difficult to actually get to know ourselves….

I must be a confused soul because sometimes I would like the house to be full of bright colours, other times I like the idea of minimalist magnolia, clean and crisp….so deciding how to decorate can be confusing….

If you are the same I suggest giving it some time…..just collecting pictures of the things you love…what jumps out at you….then sharing the images with the rest of the household and seeing what you can all agree on….

I am the same with fashion…..torn between bohemian chic and yoga comfort….at the moment I am caving in to comfort….hoping this is my thing and it’s not just laziness rearing it’s ugly head…

Maybe a bit of both….I love both of these outfits….I must not go shopping for them until I am rid of the rest of the clothes I don’t wear!!

I am letting myself be open to all suggestions….stepping outside of my design comfort zone and welcoming in new ideas….trying to find ourselves can be a journey lasting a lifetime….I guess it’s all about enjoying the ride….

My last 24 hours has been all about making jewellery, growing Sophie crochet pattern, tea, cake and continuing with the decluttering task, today boxes of Volkswagen Beetle Diecast figures…I still have half a warehouse full of things, it has been an interesting task….

Helped by Molly Topshop who still believes I couldn’t see her in the box……


Timmy Twoshoes decided to sleep on the sofa……

So my suggestion for today…..not sure what you love….not sure about your own style….don’t worry, sometimes you just don’t fit into any style slot and you have to create your very own….you are you and that’s the way it will be…no worrying about the opinions of anyone else….be your own glorious self!


And on that note…..Georgia has Brownies baking in the oven…time to put the kettle on…

Geri xxx

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