I Will Make you Believe you are Lovely..


The first thing you need to do is change the word “believe” to “realise”…because believe it or not, you are already quite lovely….

Think of one of those days where everything falls into place….it’s as simple as being a good hair day….if somebody upsets you or is angry at you, you deal with it perfectly….you are active, you are doing all the things you love to do and all is right with the world….don’t put it down to luck, that actually was you! You did that, yes you!!

Grab a notebook and scribble down your Feel Good List…for example, on mine:

Fresh Flowers (remembering to throw them out when they get old)

Hot Bubble Baths

Clean and fragrant hair and tidy nails

Crochet (you might have noticed this is a new one)

Eating low fat and low sugar healthy food, no processed rubbish

Long Walks

Clean and decluttered house

Now I don’t do these every day…and you might not do yours every day…but the question is why not?  Take each one as a separate heading and ask yourself Why is this not a habit yet?

For me, my greatest time waster is my phone….checking every few minutes to see if I have missed anything on Facebook or Twitter, I am working on my Fear of Missing Out….I shall beat it!!

You might have read that on average it takes 21 days to form a habit…alas, it’s not as simple as that….apparently this idea came from Maxwell Maltz a 1950s surgeon who stated it takes AT LEAST 21 days for a patient to get used to, for example,  a new nose (I could do with one of those).  Eventually word got around that it was 21 days….further studies have shown that it can take up to 8 months so my advice would be for now to make sure you have a diary and pencil in a To Do list, I am great at this, not so great at crossing things off…So for me it is as simple as….do and cross everything off my list on a daily basis….it sounds easy and I am determined to make it this easy….

You might be able to make small, easy changes straight away e.g. I don’t take care of my skin because my dressing table/bathroom cabinet is a mess….I don’t need to tell you what to do here!

Or, I don’t drink enough water because I just don’t know how much I should drink….I use my Hdratem8, perfect and easy!


So, make those little changes now, create your to do lists and stick to them….be the loveliest you that you can be….

My last 24 hours has been more crochet, Georgia took control of the kitchen and made Brownies and we took delivery of a pizza mix from the Sweet Pea Pantry, hoping to create our own pizzas over the weekend.

I also finished The Girl on the Beach by Morton S Gray.


I became so engrossed in this story that I forgot I am reading a Kindle now and tried to turn the page, book style….

When Ellie Golden meets Harry Dixon, she can’t help but feel she recognises him from somewhere. But when she finally realises who he is, she can’t believe it – because the man she met on the beach all those years before wasn’t called Harry Dixon. And, what’s more, that man is dead.

Another great story… a recommended page turner for me…

The Girl on the Beach (amazon affiliate link)

We are hit here with torrential rain today so the roads will be flooded, not Ethels favourite driving conditions, in fact, she once broke when going through a particularly deep puddle…but go to work I must…dreaming of sunnier days and Spring time…

Believe AND realise you are lovely and enjoy your day!!!


Geri xxx

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