If You Stumble Make it Part of the Dance..


There is no getting away from it….we ALL stumble…that perfect person we admire from afar, yes, they stumble too….it’s just that some of us make it part of the dance and some of us run off red-faced …feeling foolish about it….

As you know I am teaching myself to crochet and started pretty ambitiously on Sophie’s Universe

Now, I went wrong pretty early in this process, not realising quite how important that stitch count was….I had a moment of despair and then decided to create my new dance and just carry on with it….it is my own learning curve and she still looks pretty sweet….

If you don’t crochet and you haven’t seen all the “perfect” Sophie pictures on Instagram she probably looks brilliant to you….so perfection my lovelies really is in the eye of the beholder….and to be fair, even if someone checks out your work and thinks it’s awful why would it matter…..if you love to do it and you love it and it brings YOU enjoyment, don’t run off red faced, just change the dance……

Honestly, Social Media….Instagram, Pinterest….all great for some inspiration, and I am loving knowing that I am going through the Sophie journey with hundreds of others all at the same time….our poor families having to live through the daily “Look what I have done?” and having to show the same enthusiasm with it day after day…

But, even the guys with perfect pictures and millions of followers will admit that most of their pictures are staged, they are dressed up like a photo shoot and you just see the perfect performance, not the dress rehearsals, not the bloopers…..

So please just take it for exactly what it is…..a catalogue, a finished product that only sometimes is the reality…..


Just keep on doing what you are doing, dance your own dance and travel your own journey….the perfect way is not always the only way…..veer off the marked path and find adventure….

Happy Monday!!!!!

Geri xxx

oh, it’s here where you comment below how absolutely marvellous my crochet skills are already…..

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