Life’s Too Short to Wear Boring Clothes..


Today is based on the message for 7th February in the book

Simple Abundance: A Daybook of Comfort and Joy (Amazon Affiliate Link)

“Living is a form of not being sure, not knowing what next or how… The artist never entirely knows.  We guess.  We may be wrong, but we take leap after leap in the dark.”

Agnes De Mille (Dancer and Choreographer)

By habit most of us like to play it safe….we shop for that amazing outfit for a party or a wedding and we are torn between the amazing,glittering, bright butterfly wing dress and the little black number…..our head takes over, we buy the black one to replace the last black one….then at the party there is one outfit which is more beautiful than all the rest and a hundred black dresses… I’m not saying you have made a mistake….if you are happy with your black dress, always, always go for it….but if there is just the tiniest part of you every time that wishes you had gone with your heart and some colour for a change….why not do it???

I’m not afraid to say that my fashion sense is a little weird… my teens I seemed to like anything bright and fluorescent …I recall wearing bright pink fishnet tights, one red shoe and one black shoe and bright green luminous beads with a bright pink scarf in my hair….and that was in school!  Bless her, Mrs Evans was not happy and pointed out that really I should be a sixth form role model to the younger ones and maybe I should change….I didn’t change….

In my twenties I transformed into something resembling a stripper/lap dancer….I bleached my hair blonde….these were fun times!! If it was shocking, I was wearing it…


Yep, that was me in the Naughty Nineties….

Admittedly now it’s comfort for me….but I do still have a liking for bright things, a bit of lace and some sparkle….the plastic though….I don’t have the need or the body for that anymore.. But if you want to wear it…just wear it my lovelies….

If you don’t think it’s for you….just get yourself that bright scarf or that rainbow umbrella….take yourself off out into the world and dazzle…Ignore everyone else and shine….Take a risk and see if you like it…you never know!!


Who else thinks I might be having a mid life crisis…..(not really….)

Geri xxx

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