You are an Artist…Yes! You!


I always maintained that being an artist meant to be born with some artistic talent, in the old traditional sense….

But maybe it’s all about expression….maybe we are all artists but just terrified to express….afraid of the rejection…the humiliation…maybe we just didn’t find our inspiration yet…

If you check out Tracey Emin, Louise Bourgeois, Damien Hirst….I never quite get the appeal….but express themselves they most certainly do and that I believe earns them the title of “artist”…I massively respect that they achieve exactly what they set out to achieve…recognition for being able to express themselves…

You do not need to be able to draw…to have everything in perspective….to be able to mimic real life on paper….our feelings have different shapes and colours all unique to ourselves…

Alas, our children appear to be marked down in school art lessons because the colour isn’t right, the shapes aren’t right….but how on earth can you “mark” another persons artwork??  I am willing to bet that Emin, Hirst didn’t get top marks in art at school….but went on to make their respective individual names in art none the less….Picasso? He would have been bottom of the class….but we all know his name now….just because he stayed with his heart and made what he felt was right for him.

So there is an artist in you….maybe you just didn’t find it yet….make some small changes….eat something you didn’t try before, try a new perfume, go to work a different way….don’t have coffee in the same place every day….don’t have coffee…give up wine for a month, call someone you haven’t spoken to in ages…you never know a small change might create a spark and light up something you didn’t expect…

I am going on with my crochet project and will stop…when someone tells me it’s lovely….yes I will stop saying “but it’s all wrong and the stitch count is wrong and if you could see the picture of how it is supposed to look….” From now on it is exactly as I want it to be…I am going my own way with it…and I still love it…

So there you go folks…LOOK AT WHAT I DID!!!

Oooooh that felt a bit weird….but I could get used to it….


So, start to paint, to draw, to play with yarn, to sew, to stitch, to glue and bead and experiment with colours, with textures…but always remember it is YOUR creation and does not have to look like anyone elses….art is individual and if you love it let the critics do what they will and move on safe in the knowledge that it is your little bit of you and nobody can take that away from you….

Happy Wednesday!!!!

Geri xxx

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