Sweet Pea Pantry Playful Pizza Dough Mix..


In our house I think pizza is the only food that EVERYONE likes….we usually buy a cheap one and add all the toppings we each like on our own….

Yesterday we tried the Playful Pizza Dough Mix from the Sweet Pea Pantry…thanks guys for sending us some to try!!

Remember when starting that even though they only take about 10 minutes to cook, you will need to leave your dough to rise for about an hour….I always tend to forget this and start a bit too late….

I also forgot to get some olive oil….you only need olive oil and warm water to add to this mixture…so, I used coconut oil instead….absolutely fine as a substitute and very good for you…

After putting in front of the fire and then panicking when the fire died down and it wasn’t warm enough whilst being chased around the kitchen by a teenager flapping some maths paperwork asking me about the nth something or other (no, I’m not a maths genius, I have no idea what it is…) finally the dough was big enough.

Originally I thought it wasn’t big enough for three….but realise now for us it would have been better to roll thinner, we like our pizza bases thin….so, yes it will make three…by now I was so stressed by the inability to do maths at the same time, it all got a bit rushed.

The smell of this cooking was delicious, we had tomato puree, cheese, some chilli flakes, olives, mushrooms and some leftover bolognese to spread on ours…

A combination of the maths paperwork stress and the fact that our pizzas don’t have to be perfectly round brought out these two beauties from the oven…


We loved the taste of these pizza bases, the chia seeds were a great addition in the mixture…I would never thought of adding these….again, so good for you…

Ingredients in the base: stoneground strong wholemeal flour, strong white flour, Chia seeds, Flaxseed, yeast, oregano and salt.

It is a playful mix and great to get your little ones involved in the making….we have a teenager who ventures into the kitchen probably every other month to make pancakes….and flap maths paperwork so this was a solitary baking session…however, I completely enjoyed it…this pizza mix is not just for children….

Great taste, add your own toppings to make it personal to you and enjoy!!


Click on picture above will take you to the Sweet Pea Pantry website where you will find the full range….we already made the biscuits and they are pretty good too!!

I still have a little piece left I am about to nibble on for breakfast, it’s not unhealthy for me so why not???


No affiliate links here but Sweet Pea Pantry did send me a pizza mix to try….I will be getting some more very soon!!!

Geri xxx

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