Super Chefs at River Cottage..


For my 50th birthday I received a one day cooking course at River Cottage….very exciting…thank you Soozi and Andy!!

We stayed at a lovely house in Seaton..


Much recommended if you are needing to stay, absolutely everything you need here and the comfiest bed….

Our River Cottage experience was brilliant….another recommendation if you are thinking about doing it….it’s not cheap but I will be saving my pennies to do it again so it is well worth the money….we got so much information and so many new skills from this day, already recreating in my kitchen as we speak..

We made our own vegetable stock which then created a spicy parsnip and ginger soup.  We learn how to fillet a fish….that’s a first for me!  We then made a fish parcel and steamed it in the oven with some spices and carrots…we had parsnip crisps….We made mutton and served it with beetroot hummus and kale.  We had smoked lemon sole.  We made bread….oh my days, without a bread maker and it was delicious….We made pastry and turned it into a fabulous little apple tart…(no pictures of this one, we ate it before I remembered).

There was a magic table…..dirty dishes were just whisked away from there….I can’t find one of these on Google for home though….

The equipment was all there for us….the organic produce was all top class and totally the best, our Chef Matt was friendly, informative and very cute….all of the other student chefs were brilliant….it turned into a very very busy but relaxed experience.

Soozi only slipped up once when yelling across at the guy opposite her, happily frying his mutton….”My God, look at the size of your meat!!”  I can’t take her anywhere….

Thanks to everyone on my cooking table for letting me have your leftover pastry, it will be turned into an apple pie later today!!

If you are thinking of a special birthday gift for your loved ones, especially if they like to cook….this is well worth it.

River Cottage Website.

A really lovely weekend had by all…..saving up to go and do the bread course next!!

Geri and Soozi xxx

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