We Are All Making it Up..


Today is about just having a go..feeling the fear and doing it anyway…sometimes to find something that you love to do just takes that leap in the dark…who cares if you don’t know how to do it…who cares if everyone else is better at it than you…

We all have dreams, each and every one of us….some of those dreams we store away thinking that’s all they will ever be….some of those dreams we actually make come true..

Write down that big dream you have, make it real….

Then write down the steps it will take to reach that goal…..every tiny little step…..

Make a list of what you need….

And you know what next??? Start it….go on….leap into the wilderness, ¬†join all of the other brave adventurers….

Go and cook things, make things, travel….take different paths and find different ways…

Life is too short to sit and wonder….

Happy happy Friday!!!

Geri xxx

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