Happily Lose Your Connections Sometimes..


As we sit here in our house on a Saturday evening….Christopher looking through the papers for classic cars and me about to pick up the crochet….I think about the whirlwind that was my twenties and some of my thirties….

The pubs, the clubs, the whisky, the wine, the thumping hangovers, the not knowing who I spoke to or how silly my dancing had been….it all seemed so exciting at the time…

It all seems to have been over in a flash…..but do I miss it….I don’t….

Friends are now scattered, some I keep in touch with…the others I think about often and hope they are all happy…

But we really do like our own company here….sitting in silence…(apart from Christopher crunching on his Chilli Doritos)..

Go out and enjoy all of the noise if you must, but don’t ever feel that something is wrong and you are lonely if you have a little “you” time….doing exactly what you like to do without having to impress, without having to please everyone else….

Get out and walk, see some pretty things just around you….it’s surprising what we miss when we are going about our busy lives…

Have a month or two without a take-away…..look up new recipes, have a go…

Take up a new craft, or revisit an old one….it doesn’t have to be too expensive…

Sometimes it’s good to lose those connections with all the madness, it doesn’t have to be forever, just long enough to recharge those batteries…


Have a peaceful weekend!!!

Geri xxx

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