Time is a Dressmaker Specialising in Alterations..


Faith Baldwin wrote more than 80 books and was still writing up until the time she passed away in 1978 when she was 84….

Today,  dig deep and think about the things you always wanted to do….whether you are 18, 28 or 88 it is never to late to make those alterations, time is never against you, you are never too old to make changes….in fact, the older you get, the more wisdom you gather to use to make the best choices…Don’t dither over your choices…take the leap and have a go…

This lady is in her eighties….I know!!!!


Ernestine Shepherd Facebook page

Laura Ingalls Wilder…who wrote The Little House on the Prairie…originally Pioneer Girl and The Little House in the Big Woods….when the first book came out…she was 65, I am pretty glad she persevered, I loved the Little House series.


Samuel L Jackson….


He was 43 when he finally got his first award winning role….Do what you love and don’t give up…if you don’t get successful publicly at it, at least you will have loved your time doing it…


Let your passions take you in the right direction, surf that wave until you reach your happy beach!

Geri xxx

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