Feelings, Moments, Smiles and Laughter..


Today, take your mind away from your “things” and think about your memories….some are happy, some are sad….but each and every one of your memories make you who you are today….

How many of us have awful moments….but when we look back, that awful moment lead on to something better, it all turned out right in the end….Easy as it is to say, always try to believe…always try to pull out a positive…Chances are it will all be OK….

Some memories should be cherished…I am in two minds over the memories we like to try and forget….should we analyse them, should we agonise over where we went wrong, or should we box them up and put them away…throw them away….I guess we are all different, for some it’s good to dissect them, for others it’s best to forget them….


Wherever you are and whatever has brought you to where you are…always simply refuse to let the world corrupt you….be yourself, accept the differences of others….and if you are not happy…just move on.

Have a chilled out Wednesday!!!

Geri xxx

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