Crochet Comes Before Housework..


I think you guessed that crochet is my “thing” at the moment.  I have dabbled in the past, not very successfully, but all of a sudden I totally love it…I only stop when my hands hurt.

I get it all wrong, which initially worried me, but now I have learned to go with the flow of what will be, I call it originality…there is always a positive…

Housework must come first though, well, at least feeding the family and making sure the dishes are clean, the cats are fed, the massive decluttering and downsizing challenge and trying to keep up with the laundry…I am convinced there is an extra family living in the loft I know nothing about who regularly slip their laundry into my baskets.

How tempting is it though to get up, make breakfast and get the hook out…??

My first project is Sophies Universe, renamed Georgia’s Universe here as she is a little messed up….and not quite right….(Georgia doesn’t read this, she will never know the reasoning behind the name…)


I love the colours and the challenge of learning new stitches, the book is excellent for not just the pattern but the instruction of stitches from the most difficult to the basics…well photographed and very clear.  Next to block it….I hope it’s not too difficult!

Sophie’s Universe Crochet Along go take a look if you think you would like to have a go…

Then, even more excitement to find Amanda Bloom’s Little Box of Crochet…I got mine yesterday and it is well worth it…beautifully packaged, some great little items…

I have already started my Mug Cosy! Hoping to do something similar to decorate some pots for the Hyacinths I finally bought….

Last night I went to a local class with the lovely Maggie and learnt how to cut a piece of glass….I have an idea to make a butterfly and then move on to make some jewellery with glass…exciting new stuff…


I guess I had better do some work now, amongst all the fun stuff!!!

Happy Friday!!!


Geri xxx

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