Eat Half, Walk Double….


After a visit to the doctor with tinnitus I came away finding out that I had high blood pressure….a routine blood pressure check established this before referral to the ear nurse….

24 hours attached to a machine testing every half hour confirmed this and I find myself on a low dosage blood pressure pill.  A month later my reading was normal but the pills must continue for another 6 months.  Do I give in to the medication….I do not….after much thought it’s time to go back to basics….

Google will point you in a million directions for diets and potions and things that might help but you know what, in black and white….I simply have the eating and walking the wrong way around…I love cake, crisps and snacking so much that I don’t have the energy to walk enough…it really is as simple as that.

In the last month I have walked to the shop more often and given the car a rest, I have almost, not quite, but almost given up crisps…(I believe thats chips overseas).  I have started some exercises and must now add a few more.  I have lost a little bit of weight and I feel better already.

For many years I was vegetarian and must admit, pondering on it….I did feel much much better then….it is an option.

So, in a nutshell, when we get a wake up call like this maybe we just complicate it a little too much, maybe simplifying the answer is the way to go…I have been hugely lucky with my health….I suffer the little things, have had psoriasis since I was 9, have also always been very short sighted…you get used to that…now I am also long sighted, that takes a bit of getting used to…which glasses today?? Tinnitus and vertigo now thrown into the mix…but I will take all of these compared to the health problems I see others facing.  I apparently have some sort of chemical brain imbalance, possibly hormonal which sees another medication daily to stop me crying at absolutely nothing…again it’s not so bad, if you have something like this never be afraid to seek help…

I will hopefully start to get healthier now I aim to simplify my diet and be more active….yoga stretches have also been so helpful, I am back to touching my toes with no problem again….

Simplify, cut out the processed….move….simple!! Enjoy!!


Now I am off to resist Christophers’ chocolate birthday cake in the fridge, eat some fruit and cereal, go to work, walk the dog who lives next door and tick off everything on my TO DO list today….

Happy Monday!!

Geri xxx

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