Most People Just Exist..


So, February is drawing to a close….from now the weather will improve….after getting caught in the hails with the neighbours little dog yesterday I am pretty pleased about this.  But with the ending of February hopefully you can already look back on some good living this year..

Doing new things and “living” does not mean expensive holidays and new cars and new gadgets, it does not have to mean spending lots of money…Sometimes it’s all in the new experiences, making little changes….not living the same day over and over and over again…unless of course you want to live that same day over and over again.

If you haven’t managed to make any changes or tried anything new this year yet here are a few small suggestions for you…..just pick one today….

Grow some Hyacinths….I bought some, they came in little pots in bulb, I am a little unsure how I should keep them….do I put them in larger pots, do they get put in earth atall…I have decided to do this, of course now I can’t find any larger pots, but they are growing all the same in the tiny pots they came in….I always wanted to know how to grow flowers and it appears that these, once flowered and gone can be planted in the garden for next year….I continue to learn….When they have flowers you will see them!!

Buy some candles and try some candlelit evenings….always be so careful though….I always have candles in jars, scented so that I don’t manage to burn the house down….

Read some poetry….try some Elizabeth Barrett Browning….do this by candle light…

Do you wear the same lipstick or perfume every day….we can become creatures of habit…Try changing it….I don’t wear lipstick often so have just made the effort now and again….I think Christopher is getting suspicious…. I have 4 perfumes, two I bought myself and two were gifts….I have to plug my favourite here….Liz Earle Botanical Essence No 20 I shall save my pennies and have all of these essences eventually….

Buy yourself some flowers, or buy them for a friend….now this does not have to cost much….a bunch of daffodils from the supermarket for £1.00, when they bloom on your windowsill it’s worth the expense…

Listen to a type of music you never listened to before….try some Swing, or some Yoga music or some Cole Porter….maybe some classical….just give it a chance….you might surprise yourself.

Try a different type of food….try one of the clean eating recipes you might have turned your nose up at before thinking it to be faddy and too difficult…I haven’t tried this one yet…but I intend to very soon…


Salted Caramel and Chocolate Tart from Lucy Bee

So, little changes needn’t cost the earth….pay little notice to those who feel that spending all their wealth and parading their new toys brings happiness….we all have different ways of “living”…find yours and experiment…


Enjoy the end of your February….and let us wonder what March will bring…

Geri xxx

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