Success is found in your Daily Routine..


Does anyone else suffer with a wandering mind….I say suffer here in the context of getting things done….I have no qualms with a wandering mind whilst crocheting or falling off to sleep or sitting on the grass in the spring time looking out at the ocean…

But sometimes I will be stirring the curry and keeping an eye on the rice and I will spot the washing I took out of the machine earlier and nip off to fold it forgetting I am actually cooking the tea….So far I have been lucky and only burnt one pizza….But I am beginning to think if I could only do one thing at a time it might be a little easier and I might just finish some tasks….

I spend so much time thinking about all the things I have to do that it seems too much and I end up doing none of them…

I am massively a list person, I find this bit easy….it’s the ticking things off the list I find difficult…so, I have been analysing…I think the things on my list are too big and must be filtered down into smaller steps….I think I am a phone addict and my little mobile phone, yes that tiny bit of technology takes up far too much of my time…are there group meetings for this?…there should be!

So today I am sorting out that TO DO list and seeing if I can stick to that routine….I must not pick up the crochet until the jobs are done…I must not scroll through Facebook constantly to see what everyone else is doing….I must enjoy the feeling I get at the end of the day knowing I have achieved all the things I wanted to achieve….

I apologise to Georgia and Christopher for wandering mind syndrome when they are trying to tell me something….I blame the cats….they ALWAYS start playing or fighting with each other or start looking cute when I am being told something…..honestly, it’s not my wandering mind….I must work on this….To be fair though, when I talk about crochet I get it right back at me….

Today it is March, finally…..when things start to change….we will be going for a walk later on to check out the possibility of signs of Spring….We need the exercise, we ate too many chocolate chip pancakes yesterday!

So for now, onwards into Spring, sort out those daily routine lists, only pick up the crochet when it is safe to do so, e.g not 9am….finish the Gingerbread Man later and have a much less brain muddled day….


Happy first day of March!!!

Geri xxx

4 thoughts on “Success is found in your Daily Routine..

  1. I am doing quite well so far today…..the telling time will be when I get home from work, I usually get a cup of tea and sit down with my phone….I am determined not to do this today….:-) x


  2. I love this 🙂 I’m a big list maker and hate the feeling at the end of the day when I have unfinished tasks! Ticking things off is a much better feeling.


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