Reading is Halfway Between Life and Dreaming..


Sometimes you just have to get lost….escape from the constant chatter of thoughts barging around in your brain…For some it’s meditation, I like this idea and I have meditated in the past but I must admit I had no patience for it….maybe I should have tried a little harder, but I found myself still constantly planning meals and making decisions and fretting whilst trying not to…. A person who can meditate and completely empty the mind is a very skilled person indeed so always always give it a try, it has great benefits.

For me it is reading….currently Wrong Number by Carys Jones….it is a page turner!

Wrong Number: A page-turning psychological thriller currently 99p on Kindle or free under Kindle Unlimited on Amazon

If I can manage to leave my phone downstairs and not next to my bed, it is bedtime and reading before sleep which clears my head….If it is a particularly good book I really do get lost in there…. I read until my eyes get heavy and I start to nod….just before I get hit in the face by the Kindle….

You, no doubt, will find your own “thing” to help clear your thoughts….you might surf, you might walk, I crochet but this tends to keep my mind whirring so not a meditation replacement, and if I do it too much it makes my hands hurt….I don’t watch TV but now and again it’s Netflix and chill, with the fire burning and a cat on the lap….When we get a garden back I might find myself getting lost in learning about plants and flowers…

Just tell yourself to slow down every now and again, do something that takes you away from work, away from chores, away from anything that might be worrying you….

What are you reading at the moment and where is your happy place?


Treat yourself today and chill out a bit…

Geri xxx

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