Nothing Blooms All Year Long..


We are sometimes pretty hard on ourselves aren’t we?  We tell others how brilliant they are, how well they are doing, and then we look in the mirror and say the opposite….

My new lists are so far working for me, I am doing one thing at a time and remaining a little more focused on each task as I do it…and it makes me feel great!!

It is now March, I find January and February a struggle, I am sure there are some scientific findings somewhere to explain this.  It is right, nothing in your garden blooms all year but when there are no blooms you know that they will come and you enjoy them even more when they do arrive.  So, when it comes to you and your mood remember the same thing…if those blooms were there all the time you would take them for granted and not feel the same enjoyment….sometimes you just have to sit out the storm knowing that it will pass and times will be better… Maybe us ladies are better at this, we have had hormonal surges to get us used to these feelings…

Anyway, I am blooming at the moment and enjoying those bright colours.  My blood pressure is, under medication (a very low dose) what it should be.  I am exercising more…I am continuing to teach myself to crochet and I am learning to cut glass….little butterfly as my first project.  I am going off to find some sunshine in a couple of weeks…yay!! And my Kindle is full to the brim with some holiday reading….

I am simplifying my diet….lots more vegetable intake….here is my River Cottage Parsnip and Blue Cheese soup…..and remember never to throw away those parsnip peelings….throw them on a baking tray with some olive oil or coconut oil and bake them and then scatter on some salt when they come out, maybe some chilli flakes if you like some spice….they are a great snack….or serve them on top of your soup….

Parsnip and Blue Cheese Soup Recipe

I love the roasted garlic idea in this recipe too…it was delicious!


Now, kettle on and work to do….

Geri xxx

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