Every Day is a Special Occasion..


Every day IS a special occasion…..we are living and breathing and have so much to do and so much to learn….when we are down we have good times to look forward to, when we are up it’s fabulous….

So, don’t save your best dress for a “just in case” occasion, wear it ALL the time….wear your favourite shoes….wear the best of everything you have.  It makes you feel good about yourself so just do it.

You have best china put away for when people  visit…. get it out and dust it off and use it every day….enjoy it….

Drink out of your prettiest cups, make your favourite cake, don’t have “best” anything put away in the dark….fill your home with it, fill your world with it…

If you want fairy lights up all year don’t save them for Christmas….get them strung up and get them twinkling…

Go for it my lovelies, best bedding, best towels, best of all you have…

Why wait??


Happy Weekend!

Geri xxx

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